Secret Staycation: Where to Find Blueberry Location

Do not skip this superfood!

In the adorable and humorous game Secret Staycation, foods have decided to have a little fun while their owner is away. In order to play with and add various foods to your fridge, you must find them in this game.

One of the new fruit varieties that the most recent update brought to the game is the blueberry. Let’s look at the location of blueberry in Secret Staycation.

Where to Find Blueberry Location

Sometimes, it is pretty easy to find some food skins in Secret Staycation. And luckily, the blueberry is an example of that! You are going to find this new fruit in the bathtub.

Therefore, pick a skin for yourself and get going right away. Leave the living room and take a turn to the left to reach the bathroom.

Yellow stool

There, you are going to see a yellow stool in front of you. Climb on top of it and jump to the counter next to the stool.


Now, you can easily jump inside the bathtub. Once you do that, you will see a wood piece.

Go behind it, and you are going to find the blueberry. Easy, right? If you’ve ever experienced the challenge of locating a small piece of cheese skin amidst much effort, choosing this option is a wise and easy choice.

blueberry location

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