Secret Staycation: Where to Find Mushroom Location

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Secret Staycation Mushroom Skin

Having a bit of fun in Secret Staycation can get a bit repetitive if you’re stuck looking at the same thing while you’re flopping around of the flat. That’s why there are skins for you to find that’s hidden around the place in order to keep things interesting.

Now the area might have already been disclosed with the thumbnail preview, but not everyone has a good sense of direction when navigating a flat – especially in today’s economy where you are more likely to live with your family.

If you haven’t found the giant mushroom yet, then read the quick guide below!

Where to Find Mushroom Location

The Mushroom is one of the many skins you’ll find in Secret Staycation. To unlock the mushroom skin, you need to find the dormant mushroom resting on top of a swing.

You can find the swing on the rooftop, which is on the other side of the giant sliding door.

Start your journey by heading for the bottom side of the shelf. There should be a hole there that you’ll be able to fit in without any issue.

Secret Staycation Interior

Here’s the direction that you should take once you’re fully inside. You only have a left turn to make when you first get in.

Secret Staycation Wall Maze

After that, walk all the way to the end of the hallway and make another left turn. Follow the hallway and make one more left turn when you see a Duck with a Santa hat.

Secret Staycation Wall Maze

Make two more left turns and you’ll be able to do a U-turn that leads to a long hallway. At the very end of the long hallway, turn right and then turn left again when you get to the other side.

Secret Staycation Wall Maze

At this point, you’ll only have about one path to take until you start seeing bricks and some wood. Keep following the narrow path once more and use the hole in the wall on your left to exit.

Secret Staycation Wall Maze

Turn right for one last time and you’ll see the swing set where the mushroom is sitting. It’ll be placed in your fridge right next to the Onigiri once you pick it up.

Also, the pancake is just around the corner from here, make sure to check out our guide for that food as well!

Secret Staycation Outside area

Do you want to see all the locations in one place? Make sure to check out our dedicated guide for All Food locations in Secret Staycation!

And that’s how you can find the mushroom in Secret Staycation. There’s plenty more to see around this flat, so head back in there and see what else you can find!

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Secret Staycation Outside area

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Secret Staycation Outside area

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