Secret Staycation: Where to Find Tamago Sushi Location

Sushi, anyone?

Secret Staycation is a fun Roblox game that allows you to play as any food that is left in the homeowner’s fridge in the game.

Once the owner leaves the house, food hits the fan and every one of these edible objects are suddenly running around and causing mayhem as they fling themselves against each other to have fun.

Recently, the game received an update that added a new area and some new food, with one of them being Tamago Sushi. In this guide, I will show you where you can find this new and exotic dish in Secret Staycation.

Where to Find Tamago Sushi Location

Before doing anything, you will first need to change your food into the Caviar. If you do not have this food yet, check out this detailed guide on where to find Caviar.

The reason why you need to have Caviar is because you will need the mobility and size in order to get to where the Tamago Sushi is.

Once you have Caviar and are using the food, go to the bathroom and climb up the ladder.

Climbing up the ladder in Secret Staycation.

Once at the top of the ladder, cross the gap by using the shampoo bridge and move alongside the ridge that will lead you to the washing machine door.

Move until you are at the middle of the ridge and aim for the rim above the washing machine entrance (refer to the red arrow as your guide).

When you are sure you are aiming at the rim, launch yourself to the rim and make sure you stick the landing, because you can possibly overshoot the rim and go over it.

Walking along the ridge in Secret Staycation.

If you make it successfully to the rim of the washing machine entrance, carefully make your way to the washing machine door.

Don’t jump or rush yourself, because that will lead you to falling down and starting all over again.

Walking along the washing machine rim in Secret Staycation.

Once at the peak, you can then launch yourself up towards the mirror. Use that as your target, as you need to land inside the sink, and the mirror is just above the sink.

Launching yourself to the mirror to land in the sink in Secret Staycation.

Once at the sink, stand on top of the rubber duck and look up. You will then see the faucet hole. This will require precision and luck, because you will need to launch yourself up into the small hole.

If you were any other food except the Caviar, you will be pulling your hair out due to how hard it is.

Lining up to jump into the faucet sink in Secret Staycation.

Once you make it into the small faucet hole, you will fall inside and land in the pipes that contain the Tamago Sushi. Approach the Tamago Sushi and it will automatically unlock.

Finding the Tamago Sushi in Secret Staycation.

Do you want to see all the locations in one place? Make sure to check out our dedicated guide for All Food locations in Secret Staycation!

That’s all you need to know on where to find the Tamago Sushi’s location in Secret Staycation. Did this guide help you find where the Tamago Sushi is located in? Let us know in the comments below.

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