Servant of God Quest Guide in No Rest For The Wicked

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Servant of the God is one of the main quests you are going to need to complete in No Rest For The Wicked. In order to begin this quest, you should first travel throughout the Nameless Pass to meet with Madrigal Seline. However, completing this quest is not as easy as you might think. The game might show you the location of the Madrigal Seline, but there are many challenges you need to overcome on your way. In this guide, we are going to give you a complete walkthrough of Servant of God quest in No Rest For the Wicked. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know to successfully finish thing quest.

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Servant of God Quest

In order to finish the Servant of God Quest, you need to follow and complete a couple of objectives. You should start with locating Madrigal Seline, and conclude the quest with reaching the hidden chamber. You can see all the objectives you will follow by looking below.

  1. Start the quest.
  2. Proceed through the nameless pass.
  3. Get the old cottage key.
  4. Finish the Crane Puzzle
  5. Complete the Wheel Puzzle.
  6. Unlock Finley’s door and free him.
  7. Reach the hidden chamber.
Servant of God Quest Guide in No Rest For The Wicked

Finding Madrigal Seline

By opening your map and zooming out a little bit, you can see the location you need to head to. It will show itself as an exclamation mark in the dark. Look at the upper right part of the map to see it.

Seeing the exact location of the quest is one thing, and reaching is whole another. Let’s see all the possible threats you might come across on your way there.

Madrigal's location in No Rest For The Wicked.

As you probably know, the enemies you are going to see on your way may differ based on the level of your character. However, we highly advise you to take healing foods, and be careful with how you battle these enemies.

Passing the nameless pass in No Rest For The Wicked.

Nameless Pass

You will first start with entering the Nameless Pass. You may get to the area by going out the northeast exit of Sacrament. Proceed north in the same direction as you would to the Rookery in order to arrive at this location.

When you reach the bridge that leads there, turn east instead, follow the path, and leave the area through the east gate by crossing the bridge and leaving the town. You will locate a Whisper in the cave to your north as soon as you cross the bridge after leaving Sacrament. Go inside the cave and touch the Whisper to ensure that you end up here if you die.

Setting a whisper in No Rest For The Wicked.

You will soon encounter your first adversary in the area if you head east from the Whisper. You’ll use a one-handed blade to battle a hunter-type opponent if the one you will see is the same as we have seen. Remember that this might change based on the level and the difficulty.

Dealing with these types of attacks is as simple as blocking their strike and then hitting them a few times. When you see them, make sure to roll out of the way since they will shoot a few projectiles in your direction as you drift away from them.

Fighting the enemies in No Rest For The Wicked.

Once the adversary has been vanquished, proceed southward along the muddy incline in the middle of the trail to locate a few supplies (spruce trees and food ingredients) and a few fishing locations.

A chest can appear to the east of the slope, just beyond the archway. If it it is there, open it up. Then, go through the archway to the north and proceed to the end, where a second chest can appear.

Obtaining chests in No Rest For The Wicked.

This one can be challenging to locate because of the surrounding foliage, but it’s behind the wooden pole to your right in the back. Return to the archway and ascend the slope back onto the main route.

Climb the stairs beside the cottage and jump the gap to cross the damaged bridge. After eliminating the adversary on the other side of the bridge, cross the next one to discover another chest.

Nameless pass in No Rest For The Wicked.

Return to the main road and cross the debris to proceed east, where there is a wooden platform you can climb. As soon as you climb up, you will be attacked by an adversary on their way down the steps. Once you have defeated them, return to the wooden platform by moving them back onto the main road, which will allow you more space to fight them.

Old Cottage Key

Now, there will be a closed door here that requires the Old Cottage Key, which you will obtain later. For the time being, climb the stairs and hop over the damaged platform to get to the higher location.

Heading to the cottage key in No Rest For The Wicked.

After you fight the hunter with the hammer by walking up the slope, open the chest close to the northern cliff edge. When the hammer foes charge forward, wait for them to do so, then roll through their strike to hit them in the rear a few times.

To beat them, keep doing this. They can lunge quite far, so don’t underestimate their range. That is one thing to keep in mind. Proceed to the west across the bridge, where three hunters are waiting for you.

The simplest approach to handle this is to launch a barrage of bombs at them; if you do not have any, attempt to concentrate them into one area using the bridge, and pray that their attacks injure one another.

When things get too chaotic, leave while removing them one at a time. If you approach the nearest adversary cautiously, you can use the spear to entice it. Since it has a long spear range, wait for it to thrust before rolling through the strike and striking its back.

Finding old cottage key in No Rest For The Wicked.

After defeating them, you will discover a tent with a fireplace. If you need additional healing goods, use the fire to manufacture some more. After that, gather the various resources, which include a few herbs, trees, and an iron ore deposit.

After you have finished looting, take the item in front of the ladder, which is the Old Cottage Key, and follow the hill south. This will lead to the Entrance Whisper, but unless you have to rush into town, avoid going down the ladder and instead walk east, cross the bridge, and scale the cliff’s vines to reach the ledge. Now, take hold of the next group of vines on your right and go east.

Firepit in No Rest For The Wicked.

You will find some adversaries here on the other side; try to eliminate them one at a time. If things become too difficult, return across the vines to recuperate before moving on to eliminate the remaining enemies. Make sure to gather the few materials that are strewn about in addition to the foes.

Once you are finished, climb the debris and take the path south to a cave that has a barricade. There may or may not be a chest in this area. If there is, it will have a few foes in addition to a spike trap at the entrance. To loosen the enemies, bait them into crossing the spike trap.

Defeating foes in No Rest For The Wicked.


Return to the elevator, then ride it down to the quarry. You might see a chest atop the hanging stone block as you approach. To get to the bottom, roll off the elevator to reach the chest. Then use the boards of wood on the elevator housing’s south side. But first, we advise traveling the elevator to the quarry. Then, contact the Quarry Whisper to the northeast of it.

Using the elevator to go to the quarry in No Rest For The Wicked.

You have arrived at the quarry now. There are other paths you can take here. But the one that leads southward will lead to some treasures and a detour back to the original Whisper. Go ahead and touch Quarry Whisper before proceeding. Proceed in that direction and turn back toward the elevator at this point.

You will come to a set of steps that lead to a crane as you proceed south. By manipulating the lever and applying pressure in a specific direction, one can operate this crane. In order to see a wooden platform with a ladder to the southwest.

Turn the crane such that the wooden platform hanging from it faces that direction. To find a lever to press, jump across, kick down the ladder, then follow the platform east and south.

Setting a whisper in No Rest For The Wicked.

Return to the Quarry Whisper. There, take down the opponent and ascend the stone platform beneath the crane to the east. There is a chest here, toward the rear. Once you’re on the floor below, descend and move northeast until you reach the west. To reach an iron ore deposit, follow the western trail to its terminus and cross the lake to the north.

Once you have defeated all the adversaries along the route, follow the path northeast. Climb up the wooden steps south to uncover the infamous crane puzzle.

Madrigal's quest in No Rest For The Wicked.

Crane Puzzle

Engage the crane’s handle by approaching it. Turn the platform to the south so that it spans the space between the platform to the south. After that, go to the elevated platform to the right of the crane—the one with the wooden planks at the end of the block.

Now leap onto the wooden platform suspended from the crane by jumping from the elevated level to your right, and then leap onto the platform to your south. Kick down the next ladder to the south after landing on the southern platform, then proceed west to another crane. Return to the crane and turn it such that the two platforms north of you are centered around the hanging platform.

Heading to the crane puzzle in No Rest For The Wicked.

Open the chest next to the wall by descending onto the wooden platform southeast of the crane. Now hop to your east on the second wooden platform and open another chest. After that, hop across to the platform to your east to discover a firepit, another chest, and an adversary. Win the battle, unlock the chest, and use the campfire if necessary.

Proceed towards the east, hop over the damaged track. Then take the ledge north, kicking down the ladder at the end. Proceed south along the ledge to discover a wall covered in vines and some wooden floors close by.

Crane puzzle in No Rest For The Wicked.

Crane Whisper

Return to the main walkthrough and proceed westward from that platform by way of the now-unlocked door. Occasionally, if you pay attention to the platform with the barrels to the west, a chest may spawn there. If you spot it there, leap onto the mound of raised stones and go to the platform. Return to the Whisper chamber, up the rear staircase, and go towards the east.

There will be an opening to the north as you proceed east; this is where a shortcut will eventually lead. For the time being, head east, take out any enemies, and use the lever to open the gate below.

crane whisper in No Rest For The Wicked.

Rotating Wheel Puzzle

Go down to the ground level, then enter the next chamber by passing through the opened gate (there is occasionally a chest to the right of the gate before you pass through it). Proceed to the next section, cross the shaky wooden bridge, and eliminate any enemies that may be there.

There will be a wooden bridge to the left of the concrete walkway that runs north across the middle of this region. Be careful when ducking since the spikes sticking out of the ground will kill you if you land here. You will come to a room with another puzzle if you keep going north.

Doing the rotating wheel puzzle in No Rest For The Wicked.

Once the next door opens, turn the wheel clockwise and proceed inside. You can break through the breakable planks in this area to proceed inside. Attack the planks to break them, then ascend the wall to the northwest. Ascend the narrow ledges once more, and you will see imprisoned Finley here if you travel east.

Since you lack the key, there is nothing you can do to let him out for the time being. Return to the narrow ledges and vault over the northwest gap. Once more, leap to the south onto the metal grating, then to the northwest on the wooden boards close to the wall and lift yourself up.

Rotating wheel puzzle in No Rest For The Wicked.

Free Finley

You will discover a ladder to the north, but first walk west to find a little hidden passage that leads to a bridge you may kick down to provide a shortcut back to the Crane Whisper.

Return to the room you were in before, climb the ladder, go north to take out the adversary, and then climb the vines on the wall to the left of the collapsed bridge that has the flag beside it.

After eliminating the foe close to the firepit at the top, head south until you come to a little ledge. Continue crossing until you get to a tent, and then continue south until you hit the edge.

Unlocking the door for Finley in No Rest For The Wicked.

With a little amount of luck, you should land on a little platform after sliding the cliff slowly. Drop once more from this point on, then proceed cautiously ahead onto the wooden beam. Proceed along that beam into the cage, where you will discover the key to unlock Finley’s cell.

Return to the wheel room now, and proceed east to reach his cell by opening the second door on the right, scaling the thin ledge, and heading east. To discover that he is some sort of trader, open the cell and have a conversation with him.

Finley in No Rest For The Wicked.

Reach the Hidden Chamber

Reenter the main walkway and proceed to the campfire area situated above the vines. Proceed westward down the trail and cross the bridge. There is another Whisper at the end of this trail; make sure to touch it in case you die so you can resurrect here.

With the exception of the monster, this is the last leg of the Nameless Pass, and the worst is now behind you. You can turn left or right as you head north into the open area. It does not matter which direction you choose at the intersection of these paths; however, you need to proceed west for guidance. Proceed northwest on the wooden path, then drop the stairs to the south.

Finding Madrigal in No Rest For The Wicked.

Go through the gap to discover Ellsworth, Madrigal Seline, and her followers. Approach them for a moment, and then after the scene is over, talk to her once more. Since only a Cerim can open the enormous door in front of her, she will ask you to locate the device in the chamber to the west.

Talking with Madrigal in No Rest For The Wicked.

Return the way you came and climb the steps towards the west. You can locate another Whisper outside the boss room by continuing on the trail. Sadly, there will still be some work to be done before you can combat it. You can enter a cave region by heading westward through the grassy area from the Whisper.

To build a bridge, kick down the statue and move forward to cross it. Proceed southward on the route until you come to what seems to be a dead end. Leap from where the waterfall is and dive into the pool of water to your left, stealing the blue orb.

Whisper location in No Rest For The Wicked.

Because of this, you will fall into the water below and have to climb back up. Other than a few monsters, there isn’t much at the bottom of the cave. However, there is a notebook and a possible chest near the back of the cave to the north.

You can reach a small platform by swimming around the water to the east and climbing up. This path will lead you to the central pillar with some vines on it; follow it up, taking down the adversaries along the way.

Waterfall in No Rest For The Wicked.

Here is where you are going to fight off against a witch. If you have not faced off against one before, they might be challenging to take down because of how frequently they use teleport and fireball. When the witch launches a fireball, you should roll in its direction to attack it a few times before it vanishes. You should be good to go if you keep repeating everything you do.

Bridge in No Rest For The Wicked.

Additionally, if you are lucky, a chest might show up to the pillar’s left. After taking down the adversaries and scaling the pillar, proceed through the gate to the northeast, where a campfire awaits you. Proceed to the next doorway, and you will find yourself in the chamber across from the previous Whisper you saw.

Finally, you can reach the boss through the door on your left. However, you need to knock down the statue on your right first to make a path to the Whisper easier.

Final boss in No Rest For The Wicked.

Now, all you need to do is to beat the boss and tell Madrigal that you got rid of it. Just like that, the Servant of God Quest will be over. Need help with other quests in No Rest For the Wicked? Make sure to check out our The Potion Seller Quest Guide as well.


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