Shadovia: How To Find Anubis Location

Ready to fight the guide to the Egyptian Underworld?

Shadovia is a fun Roblox game that you can play if you want to experience something that is similar to World of Warcraft. In Shadovia, you get to go around and do quests to level up your character and get better gear to fight harder monsters.

But if you’re looking for a way to challenge yourself, then you can go out and look for powerful monsters to fight and test your skills. One such monster you can find is none other than Anubis himself, the guide of the Egyptian Underworld.

If you are looking to face this powerful mythical being, then this guide will show you how you can find Anubis in the game.

How To Find Anubis Location

Before you can find Anubis, you will first need to do a questline from Karim the Noble. He can be found in the Desert, which is also where Anubis is situated.

But again, you must do all of the quests from Karim. After completing the last quest from Karim, he will then tell you to speak to his Viser.

Talking to Karim the Noble for quests in Shadovia.

The Viser is in the room next to Karim. Go to the Viser and speak to him. He will then give you a key to the tomb.

For more details, check out this guide on how and where to get the Tomb Key!

This tomb is where you need to go in order to find Anubis and other bosses. After getting the key, head to the tomb.

Talking to the Viser to get the key to the tomb in Shadovia.

The tomb entrance can be found just by looking for the large pillars. Approach the entrance and you will get the prompt to enter the tomb.

Entering the tomb through the entrance in Shadovia.

When you enter the tomb, keep following the path until you find a golden wall on the other side of the chasm.

This wall may not seem all that important, but it is actually not a real wall. You can jump over the chasm and into the wall, revealing a secret path behind it.

About to jump over the chasm to go through the golden wall in Shadovia.

Keep going until you reach a room with some enemies standing in the middle. You can either fight them or run past them, it’s up to you. Just go straight and take a right.

Going into the room full of enemies in Shadovia.

When you turn right, you will find a hall that leads straight to a Servant of Anubis. It turns out, Anubis isn’t actually here, but a servant who is dressed like him.

But still, he is an incredibly powerful enemy to fight!

Servant of Anubis at the end of the corridor in Shadovia.

That’s all you need to know on how to find Anubis in Shadovia. Did this guide help you in finding Anubis’ location? Let us know in the comments below.

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