Shadovia: Best Boss Farming Build Guide

The best boss farming build.

Shadovia: Best Boss Farming Build Guide

This build we’re going to show you will be perfect for boss farming in Shadovia. Especially once you’ve reached endgame and want to grind for gears to prepare yourself for new content. Bosses typically drop the rarest materials and gears that are often the meta gears right now.

Best Boss Farming Build Guide

Gears that we suggest in this list are some of the rarest in the game. Some of them require high-grade fusing and others have abysmal drop rate from bosses.

For more information about all the boss and their drops, check out our complete Bosses Guide in Shadovia!

And you might have opinions about our pick of the weapon since there’s quite a range of option when it comes to good weapons.

Weapon: Sweet Rapier (Legendary)
Stats: 300 Melee Power, +45% Attack Speed

Head: Gladiator Mask (Rare)
Stats: +25% Melee Power, -100% Health Regeneration

Chest: Orcan Battler Chestplate (Ultimate)
Stats: +35% Health, +20% Physical Damage, +15 Defense

Legs: Orcan Battler Leggings (Ultimate)
Stats: +25% Health, +15% Physical Damage

Off-hand: Vampire Slayer (Epic)
Stats: +7 Armor Pierce, inflicts Wound

And here’s a list of Accessories to get:

  • Acc 1: Vermillion Cape (Transcendent)
    Stats: +1 Speed, +6% Damage, provides Featherfalling
  • Acc 2: Malevolent Binded Curse (Legendary)
    Stats: +12 Armor Pierce, +12% Charge Attack Power
  • Acc 3: Slime King Crown (Legendary)
    Stats: +25% Health, +25% Damage, +2 Speed, applies Goo

Obviously, if you’ve just started grinding the bosses, gears like the Slime King Crown are only dropped by the boss. So, you can sub them with whatever’s your best gear that can buff physical damage.

Using this set and making use of the giant size of the bosses, charge your R which will one-shot even the Giga Golem. That’s it!

This build definitely takes a lot of work to get. But the Sweet Rapier is something available during the Christmas event, for example. But this is the most effective boss faming build in Shadovia right now, perfect to prepare for new updates!

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