Shadovia: Best Level Up & Progression Guide

How to level up effectively!

Shadovia: Best Level Up & Progression Guide

We’re going to how you some level up and progression tips for Shadovia. Reaching the level cap at this stage of teh game can take a very long time.

Nobody wants to get stuck in grinding the same mobs longer than they have to. So, here’s how to make the best out of your every minute in the game. Enjoy!

Best Level Up & Progression

Level 1-12

Dream Isle: This is where you spawn in when you start the game. Go forward and kill the single Goblin you see before you. Open the chest above the stairs for your first weapon.

Once you do, head towards the gate and into the flooded room. You will see your first Cubit. Interacting with the cube lets you Kindle with Dream Isle.

Keep an eye out for the Cubit as you continue exploring Shadovia. You’ll be teleported immediately to Spawn.

Spawn: Once you’re in Spawn, talk with all the NPCs in this area. All of them will give you quests that will reward you gears for different classes.

This is where you can test out different classes and see which one you like.

One of the quests near the Orc Chief, which is also another quest objective, will lead you to the Cubit. If you didn’t get it, the Cubit is on top of the hill on the way to the Desert.

Finish all the quests and then grind the Orcs until you’re around 12 or 13. Then head to the Desert area.

Level 12/13 – 20

Desert: Same with Spawn, talk to the NPCs to be given quests that’ll give you more gears and rewards. After you finish the quests, time to explore the crafting mechanics in the game. You may have dabbled with it a little to make the Slime mount for the quest.

Interact with the smithing table which is just across the save point NPC. You won’t be able to craft much right now, but you can find something better than the drops to wear. This is going to help you level up and progress faster.

Keep doing all the quests you can find all the way to the Upper Desert area until you’re level 20.

Level 20+

At level 20, grind the skeletons at the Graveyard located above the previously mentioned Cubit between the Desert and Forest area.

The enemies will be roughly around level 20-25. Cultists are especially easy to kite, so even at lower level, you should have no problem dealing with them.

After you’re done with the king quest, it’s time for the major grinding at the Tomb. The Tomb Raid is located just next to the town.

Also, related to the Tomb Raid, you might want to check out this guide in advance on how to get the Tomb Key, which you’ll eventually need to find throughout the quest.

Ninja Dojo: Between the sea and the desert is a small beach area. Here, you can find the ninja dojo where you can unlock the Dojo dungeon challenge.

It is a 4-wave challenge that will give you several chests with rewards. It’s also the best way to make money in the game!

This Dojo is necessary if you want to get the Katana of the Divine. It’s also great for beginners to grind on, although the Tomb Raid is better.

Not to be denied, grinding can get boring when you have to kill the same thing 100 times over. Explore the area and try dabbling into crafting while checking wiki on the recipes of the endgame weapon you want.

Brimstone Island (20+): To reach Brimstone Island, use the boat. You can use one from the pier that’s just right behind the same Cubit shrine mentioned before. This is near another town that we’ll skip.

Brimstone is also where you can find quests, but most importantly, where you can grind for a lot of the materials for endgame gears. Mainly the gems that drop from the Giga Golem boss.

Grind here until you’re level 30 or above with proper gears.

Level 30+

Savannah (30+): This is where you’re entering the endgame. For the endgame, you’re going to hop back on the boat and just sail towards Savannah. Grind to the max level here in the Savannah area.

The Savannah is just like all the other previous towns. You grind the quests, the raid, and then the boss. You can spawn the boss by speaking and getting the necessary item just next to the area, which is hard to miss.

And after that, you’re done leveling! And now all you want to do is to experiment with different builds and prepare for the next update.

Shadovia’s developers are always actively updating and balancing the gears to create an equal playing field for all.

So, stay tuned for future updates!

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