Shadovia: Best Money Grinding Method (10k Per Minute)

It’s almost too good to be true, and it is!

Shadovia Starter Village

Money will be one of the few problems you’ll have when you’re just starting out in Shadovia. Other problems will probably include looking for decent gear or finding NPCs that lets you into different areas, but let’s focus on one thing at a time.

You can never have too much money in Shadovia, and if you get enough of the resource the rest of your problems will start solving themselves. Check out the rest of the guide below and find out how you can make a profit out of everybody else outside of the Dream Isle!

Best Money Grinding Method

Money Making Method No. 1

Every great money making scheme has to start somewhere. With that said, go back to the Starter Village and find the NPC called Fletch. He’s a level 6 NPC hiding behind the Farmer’s house just beyond the town square. What you need to do next is to kill him. He’ll spawn back in after a few seconds so don’t feel too bad.

Shadovia Starter Village

The NPC will give you a whopping 425 gold, which can go all the way up to 500 gold per kill. In order to see these numbers go inside of your pocket, you need the Rich Orc’s Necklace. You can get that by doing the Warloc quest in the Savannah area.

Money Making Method No. 2

But wait, there’s more! If having to wait for an NPC to spawn only to get a measly 500 gold from it is not enough then head on over to vampire town next.

Shadovia World Map

Once you’re out of the city, head over to the ledge on your right. This will lead you to a cave that’s right next to the Great Oceans area. Kill all of the werewolves inside for Princess Twix’s quest when you get inside.

Shadovia Vampire Town

You can keep on killing the werewolves here even after you’ve finished the quest. Just like Fletch, they spawn back in after a few seconds. Taking everyone inside of the cave down will net you about 4000 gold if you have the Rich Orc’s necklace equipped.

If you clear the cave and wonder why the wolves haven’t respawned yet then simply leave. You can even go to the far back of the cave and the game will detect that you’ve already left.

Shadovia Werewolf Cave

With the promise of money right at your fingertips, we’d be more than happy to say that you can push this even further. Use whatever Christmas pudding you have left from the holidays along with Merchant’s Specialty. Doing so will boost your gold gain by a multiple of 1.5x for the next five minutes. Christmas pudding gives you 20% more gold for three minutes.

One more item you can make use of will be a Perfect Omelette. Pop in any of those and you’ll definitely start seeing more zeroes.

Shadovia Werewolf Cave

And that’s how you make a ton of money in Shadovia. Try out what you just learned today before the quests get patched or nerfed!

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