Shadovia: Best Way To Spawn Chancellor A’amah Guide

He’ll have to put up a fight eventually.

Shadovia: Best Way To Spawn Chancellor A'amah Guide Featured Image

Some games lets you fight difficult characters head on once you make a considerable amount of progress. Other games like Shadovia prefers to do things differently by giving you the freedom of summoning your foes on your own time.

However, with freedom comes with many consequences. One of them will include you wasting needless resources, especially if you don’t know what you actually need.

Find out the other components you need in order to summon Chancellor A’amah by reading the rest of the guide below!

Best Way To Spawn Chancellor A’amah Guide

Chancellor A’amah is actually already in the game, you may have gone past him as well without even realizing it. He’ll be in the Mushroom Kingdom right across the tower where Princess Twix is.

Princess Twix is one of the key NPCs that will get you closer to the Chancellor as summoning (and fighting) him is part of the princess’ quest to get to Vermillion.

He and Azoorwrath will have the Amethyst you need.

If you’re only interested in the Chancellor at the moment, keep reading the steps below. If you want to go the whole nine yards, then check out our guide for killing Vermillion.

Shadovia World Map

You have to wait until night time to get thesecond item. When it’s dark, head over to the castle in the starting village.

This will transport you to Don Precarious. Head down the tower and go to the second floor of the house to your left.

Shadovia Starter Village

Talk to Ghoulsford and buy the Trussonium. Find a nearby blacksmith and craft the spawner. It will require two pieces of amethyst and the Trussonium you just bought.

Use the spawner anywhere you like, and it will teleport you to the Dark Church where the chancellor is.

Also, in case you didn’t know, Chancellor A’amah exclusively drops the Vortex Orb – which is a highly sought out material!

If you’re having a hard time defeating the Chancellor, consider using the Irridance! You can craft it by combining a Forgotten Tome (150 Ectoplasms) and The Brutaliser (200 Ectoplasms).

You can also make a Ying and Yang gun with the same items.

To get these, visit the Soul Sealer in the Upper desert. Meanwhile, you can find the Ectoplasms in the Graveyard. For a good supply, farm Ectoplasms by summoning and defeating the boss Pectra.

Shadovia NPC

And that is the best way to spawn in Chancellor A’amah in Shadovia. Well don’t just stand there, start swinging! You have a weapon with you right?

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