Shadovia: Complete Christmas Update Guide 2023

Finish what you can before the New Year!

Shadovia Starter Village

Whether you just started playing Shadovia, or you’re just looking for more content to play through after a long break, there’s absolutely no way that you’ve seen everything the game has to offer.

The game has been receiving a lot of traffic lately, which means that there’s probably a few things that you may have missed.

Who knows, maybe you haven’t even started the event at all since the holidays have kept you busy. But that’s okay, catch up with the rest of the update by summoning the Grizzclaw boss.

Make sure you have a shovel with you!

Complete Christmas Update Guide 2023

To start the event, find circular drops of snow and pick them up with your shovel. They’ll spawn in anywhere, so you might as well do your business at the starter village.

If you don’t have a shovel, then buy one from the Young Smithy Shop. Once you’re armed with a shovel, pick up 45 snowballs from the snow piles scattered around the map.

Shadovia Young Smithy NPC

When you’re done gathering 45 pieces of snow, go back to the Blacksmith. Craft the basic grizzly spawner to spawn in Grizzclaw.

For defeating Grizzclaw, you’ll get a chest that contains two Jolly Ingots, a Candy Cane, and a Health Potion.

Shadovia Blacksmith NPC

The ingots are the items that you’ll want, if you take another look at the Blacksmith, you’ll find pieces of equipment that will require more Jolly Ingots.

This includes the new Icemourn great sword, Saint Nick’s Lazer Gun, and the Candy Cane Scythe. Crafting these items however will need some Rainbow and Ruby Gems.

Shadovia Blacksmith NPC

Get better loot by summoning the Grizzclaw a few more times while making use of the various gems you got. After that, it’s just a matter of grinding the same thing in Shadovia to get the rest of the materials for the weapons and armor!

Also, if you’re interested in building the best mage character in Shadovia, make sure to check out our guide on that as well!

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