Shadovia: How To Summon Drakobloxxer Boss

How to find the new Shadovia boss!

Shadovia: How To Summon Drakobloxxer Boss

Drakobloxxer is an endgame boss in Shadovia that you can summon to fight. The new boss Drakobloxxer is a source of rare drops and materials for the new awesome Summoner build.

We’re going to share all about that build soon, so stay tuned!

Drakobloxxer’s spawn has also changed within the few hours it dropped in the game along with increased drop rate. We’re showing you the latest method to summon it.

How To Summon Drakobloxxer Boss

Drakobloxxer boss can be found on Brimstone Island. You can easily find the Tired Archaeologist NPC after teleporting to the cubit. If you look to your left, you’ll see the white hanging bridge atop the Brimstone spire leading to a white tent. You’ll find the NPC sitting next to it.

Talk to him and he’ll give you the quest “Ancient Drakobloxxer”, which asks you to kill the Drakobloxxer after giving you the item Drako Bloxhorn.

Shadovia Drakobloxxer quest

Once you do, cross the bridge back and then on your right side is immediately where you need to go. There’s the Ol’ Brimstone Tree that you can interact with to enter the boss ring.

Consume the Drako Bloxhorn to summon the Drakobloxxer.

Shadovia Drakobloxxer Boss location

Drakobloxxer Boss Fight

Players get 2 lives while fighting the Drakobloxxer. Aside from the main big boss, Drakobloxxer also summons Minibloxxers that has to be killed.

Only killing the boss does not remove them. All of them share the same trait when they’re about to attack as they’ll start glowing in white. Drakobloxxer only has 4 moves:

  • Bite: Melee attack.
  • Rolling Lunge: (Minibloxxers also have this ability), rolls towards players and dealing damage on contact, invulnerable while rolling.
  • Fire Breath: Heavy burn damage.
  • Meteor Shower: AoE skill with charge time, immune while charging.
Drakobloxxer Boss fire breath

There’s a black tree in the middle of the map that you can jump on. You can avoid most attacks on this tree to recover while launching ranged attacks.

You’ll get guaranteed roughly 3 Dragon Scales from fighting the boss as well as some Vinci Flowers. The boss also drops the Grand Dragini Staff which has a very high magic power stat.

And the rarest drop is the Drakobloxxer Bell that allows you to ride the Drakobloxxer! (Did I tell you that it also breathes fire?!)

And that’s where you can find and summon the new Drakobloxxer boss in Shadovia. Good luck grinding him!

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