Shinobi Lineage: Best Build Guide

Become the next Hokage with this build!

Shinobi Lineage is a Naruto-inspired version of Rogue Lineage, where your goal is to simply get the best build possible for your character and engage in hectic PvP. Considering the heavy PvP focus, you’ll definitely struggle if you have a subpar build when fighting other players. Thankfully, builds in this game are pretty simple and mostly consist of just three elements: Clan, Class, and Artifact. In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to get the best build possible so you can start shredding other players in PvP!

Best Build Guide for Shinobi League


Talking to the Hoshigaki Clan trainer

Your Clan is something you start out with. It’s randomly selected at the start of the game for you. If you want the best build possible, you want to try to get either the Hoshigaki (30% chance) or Uzumaki (4% chance) clans. As we said, though, Clan selection is completely random!

If you get a Clan other than Hoshigaki or Uzumaki, you’ll need to hunt down the rare DNA item. It allows you to reroll your Clan when used, giving you another chance! You can find the DNA item randomly while farming Trinkets, which you’ll need to do for money anyway. Check out our Trinket farming guide to know all the best farming spots!

Once you get your desired Clan, make sure to visit their respective Trainer to rank them up.


First NPC for Shinobi Class training

As for your Class, you’ll be going for the Shinobi Class. It’s the best one currently in Shinobi Lineage, while also being the easiest one to use. It pairs up great with Hoshigaki and Uzumaki Clans, making this the best build possible!

Getting a Class is pretty simple, but you’ll need to get a lot of money first. As we mentioned before, farming Trinkets is the best way to get money in this game. You’ll need a total of at least 2500 Ryo to be able to purchase everything for the Shinobi class, including equipment and all the training.

Desert 4 Shinobi Trainer Step 1

Once you have the money, you need to go visit the Tier 1 Shinobi trainer. You can find him by warping to Desert 4.

Do be warned that warping is dangerous, so make sure to check out our guide explaining how the Warp system works in this game.

Desert 4 Shinobi Trainer Step 2

Go past the ramen shop and check the topmost right corner directly above where the doctor is located.

Desert 4 Shinobi Trainer Step 3

You should notice that the corner has a different color than the rest of the wall, meaning it’s a secret door. Interact with it by pressing E.

Desert 4 Shinobi Trainer Step 4

Then just go down the hallway to meet the NPC. He can train you up to 3 times, with each one costing 150 Ryo. Pay for all three training sessions and you’re done with your Tier 1 Shinobi training!

Upgrading the Shinobi Class

Tundra 3 Shinobi Class Trainer Step 1

To get the Tier 2 Shinobi Class, you’ll need to warp once again, this time going to Tundra 3. Once there, simply turn around to find a large rounded wall. It’s a fake wall, so you can run straight through it.

Tundra 3 Shinobi Class Trainer Step 2

Approach the end of the dark red hallway and take the first right you can.

Tundra 3 Shinobi Class Trainer Step 3

Then, go down the hallway and take the third left you can.

Tundra 3 Shinobi Class Trainer Step 4

Take the next right and turn around the corner. You should now be facing a door.

Tundra 3 Shinobi Class Trainer Step 5

Go through the door and check the corner to your left to find a hidden NPC. He will offer to train you further in the way of the Shinobi, for a hefty price of 350 Ryo per move.

Also, make sure to purchase the Tanto for 160 Ryo. You can also purchase the Shinobi’s Outfit armor for 750 Ryo, but it’s pretty expensive. Either way, both of these items are on the table next to the trainer NPC.

If you’ve done everything until this point you already have most of your build set up. You should have the Hoshika or Uzumaki Clan in conjunction with the best class possible, Shinobi. The only thing left for you to do in Shinobi Lineage is to get an Artifact!


Player holding the Raijin Kunai

For your Artifact, you will want to get the Raijin Kunai. It will let you do a quick teleporting move wherever you throw the kunai. If it hits an enemy player, it will let you follow up with a powerful blast attack! It pairs really well with the Clans we chose and Shinobi Class, really tying everything together into the best build in Shinobi League.

However, obtaining Artifacts is somewhat of a pain in this game as it’s purely random. You can get them by completing the bi-hourly World Events, defeating Bosses, or even from Trinket spawn locations. That said, none of these are guaranteed to give you the Trinket you want.

Ultimately, you will just need to have patience and keep trying until you get the Raijin Kunai to finish up your Hoshigaki/Uzumaki Shinobi build!

If you want more help on your way to obtaining the best build in Shinobi Lineage, check out our Shinobi Lineage beginner’s guide for some key tips and tricks.


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