Shinobi: Project – Complete Beginner’s Guide

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Shinobi: Project is a fantastic PD-based Roblox game with a plethora of different elements for players to enjoy. However, because of that, it might be difficult for beginners to get used to everything. That is why, we will explain everything you need to know in this Shinobi: Project – Complete Beginner’s Guide.

Complete Beginner’s Guide

There are a lot of features for new players to learn in Shinobi: Project. It can be challenging for you to take everything in at once, but you will grow used to it quickly and understand what you need to do in no time.

Character & Clan Name

When you first log in to the game, you will need to create a character name for yourself.

After choosing your name and getting into the game, you might notice that there is an extra word right next to your name. That will be your Clan name. There are 18 Clans in the game right now, and you will be assigned to one of them randomly.

Check out the name of the clans below.

Mist Village

  • Hozuki
  • Karatachi
  • Yuki
  • Hoshigaki

Sand Village

  • Kazesuna
  • Yome
  • Oribe

Stone Village

  • Uzumaki
  • Kamizuru

Leaf Village

  • Hyuga
  • Uchiha
  • Nara

Cloud Village

  • Miyajima
  • Yotsuki
  • Chinoike
  • Aburame
Shinobi Project Complete Beginner's Guide


Aside from your clan, you will also get assigned a trait. You can press the tab key to open the menu and check which one you got from your stats.

You will see that there are three slots for the traits. However, you will only get one trait and you will have to get a game pass if you want to open any additional slots for yourself.

There are currently 8 traits available in the game. These are:

  • Coward: You will run faster when you have low HP.
  • Light Foot: Run faster in general.
  • Charming: Ramen, Kunai, and Katana purchases cost less. Your village resource usage will be reduced when you purchase them.
  • Gluttonous: More Health Points and you can consume more food.
  • Mastered: Faster Handsigns.
  • Sharp Shooter: Auto-aim Throwables.
  • Ki Chōshin: Treejumping Skills are increased, and you will have a higher Treejumping limit before getting tired.
  • Devil’s Tantrum: After being knocked down in a PD Event, you will get back up with a small amount of HP and a short boost.
Shinobi Project Complete Beginner's Guide

How to Rank Up

The Shindo: Project is a PD (Perma Death) Lore game. Meaning that trainings are hosted in your Village Discord by other players. To join those trainings, you will first need to join the game’s official discord channel.

You will get into one of the villages based on your clan upon joining the game. For example, you will get into the Mist Village if your clan is Hozuki, Karatachi, Yuki, or Hoshigaki.

You can check out which village you got from the table on the upper right of the screen. You can also see the little village symbol below your name.

Now, back to the discord. You will need to join your Village Discord channel to keep up with the trainings. To do that, first, join the official main channel, verify your account, and find your village channel link.

Shinobi Project Complete Beginner's Guide

You will rank up to the Academy III as you join trainings. At the end of that, you should take a Genin Exam to get to Genin I Rank. The exams are different for each Village.

After you pass the Genin Exam, you should keep training to rank up.

Clan Progression

The Clan Progression is one of the most important things in the game. Each player should try to get Clan Skills to advance in the game. However, the majority of Clan Progression methods are left undiscovered by the creators for the players to figure out on their own, which may upset new players on this subject.

Because of that, we could only talk about the known methods for now.

Oribe: Easiest clan to progress. You need to find the tablets spread throughout the sand. No requirements are needed.

  • First Tablet: In Sand Village, next to the Elite Oribe NPC.
  • Second Tablet: In the mine, next tot he Alex the Material Book NPC.
  • Third Tablet: In a castle near the Sand Village.

“A” Clan: You need to collect Lighting Orbs around the Cloud Village to get Lighting Stomp move. You have to have 3 PD grips to get the Lightning Cloak.

Nara: No progression. You can find all skills in the Skill Tree.

  • Shadow Binding – Genin VI
  • Shadow Binding Shuriken – Chuunin III

Kamizuru: Talk to the Daichi Kamizuru NPC who is located next to the Ramen Shop in Stone Village. After that, go to the open area leading outside the village. Go there by walking close to the left wall, you will get to a cave. Defeat the boss there and go back to the NPC. You will get Bee Swarm and Bee Release moves.

Yome: Obtained through observing someone wipe. Or by wiping someone.

Chinoike: Go to the Chinoike Base outside the Land of Lighting in Cloud Village. Inside there, go through the gap in the wall and find the Sacrifice Place to awaken Dojutsu. You should sacrifice another player in a Perma Death event to awaken your Ketsuryagan.

Skill Tree

Each time you rank up in the game, you get one skill point. You can spend these points on the skill tree, but you will need to be a certain rank to get certain skills.

You can only get skills compatible with your nature. Which are:

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Earth
Shinobi Project Complete Beginner's Guide


The Bosses are the NPCs you need to defeat to get items for crafting. There are 5 bosses in the game at the moment.

  • Scorpion Boss: Spawns inside of the Sand Village. A difficult boss that you should not fight alone.
  • Samurai Boss: Located near Stone Village in a snowy area.
  • Huga/Poison Boss: Spawns under a pink tree near Stone Village. Only attack if you interact with them.
  • Kunai Master Boss
  • Ant Boss
Shinobi Project Complete Beginner's Guide

Schematics & Crafting

Defeating bosses will provide you with schematics that you can use for crafting. Crafting helps you to get new armor and new weapons.

You will need to have schematics and materials to craft items. You can get materials by mining or chopping wood. Or you can get some materials from NPCs.

Shinobi Project Complete Beginner's Guide

That is it for our Shinobi: Project – Complete Beginner’s Guide! Now you can start your journey right away.

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