SkibiVerse: How to Get G-MAN Toilet 2.5 Morph & Blaster Locations

A new quest and a new morph to come with it!

SkibiVerse How To Get G-Man Toilet 2.5 Morph Blaster Locations

There are a lot of different morphs that you can get in SkibiVerse. Some of them are easy to get through simple quests while some are a bit harder. Most of these quests require you to look for items all around the map.

The catch is that the game doesn’t have a map or a quest marker to guide you around. You’ll need to find these items yourself and that’s the hard part!

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the G-Man Toilet 2.5 morph by looking for all the blasters for the quest. Now, let’s see where these blasters are!

How to Get G-MAN Toilet 2.5 Morph & Blaster Locations

Before you go looking for blasters and all the sorts of stuff, you’ll first need to activate the quest. Go to your quest tab and select “Gtoilet is here.”

There, you’ll see the tasks we’ll need to do as well as the start button to initiate it.

SkibiVerse GToilet Is Here Quest

Once you’ve started the quest you can then go around the map to look for the first blaster!

Blaster #1

The first blaster can be found on the Big City map and teleported to the Industrial area. When you spawn in, look directly behind you and go through the building there.

At the back of the building, you’ll see a pillar on your right and besides that (right side) is the first blaster!

SkibiVerse Blaster 1 Location 1

Blaster #2

For the next blaster, you’ll need to teleport to the Golden City. When you spawn in, look at the 3 toilets in the area and go to the road behind the 3 toilets.

Then, go to the left and follow the road until you see the area below, then turn right.

NOTE: You’ll need to use a morph that can either fly or jump around really high. The latter can be found with the Speaker Woman, so here’s a detailed guide on how to get her in the game!

SkibiVerse Blaster 2 Location 1

Once you turn right, follow the road forward while keeping an eye to the left. There, you’ll find a small park with benches and trees. Go to the very back of the park from the road.

SkibiVerse Blaster 2 Location 2

There, next to a bench, you’ll find the next blaster for the quest!

SkibiVerse Blaster 2 Location 3

Blaster #3

For the third blaster, you’ll need to teleport back to Golden City and face the three toilets again. This time, follow the road to the back right of the toilets.

You’ll see the area shown below, from there turn right and go to the second left.

SkibiVerse Blaster 3 Location 1

The building you’re looking for is the one shown below. At the bottom of the building are some doors you can interact with. This will send you to the top of the building.

SkibiVerse Blaster 3 Location 2

Once you get to the top, you’ll want to go outside the room and look to the left. You’ll need to go to the next building as shown below.

SkibiVerse Blaster 3 Location 3

When you get to the top of that building, you’ll then need to find the blaster which is just next to one of the doors!

SkibiVerse Blaster 3 Location 4

Blaster #4

For the next blaster, you’ll need to go to the gm_clocktowerdawn map. Once you spawn in, look to the back and follow the road to the right and up two sets of stairs.

SkibiVerse Blaster 4 Location 1

Once you get up the stairs, head left and then right to the area where there’s a statue and the Big Ben clock tower.

Then, after you get to the statue, head to the right and follow the road keeping to the right.

SkibiVerse Blaster 4 Location 2

Stick to the right and keep an eye on there until you find the area shown below. You’ll find a building with some broken glass. Go to the entrance and you’ll see that it’s called the Evacuation Center.

SkibiVerse Blaster 4 Location 3

To the left of the stairs in front of the entrance is where the next blaster is!

SkibiVerse Blaster 4 Location 4


Those are all the blasters in the game and the next thing you’ll need to find for the quest are some shades.

The shades are actually on top of the statue next to Big Ben. Just head back there and take the shades.

SkibiVerse Shades Location

Once you get the shades, you’ll automatically finish the quest and get the rewards! One of the rewards is the G-MAN toilet 2.5 morph so enjoy it!

That’s how you can get the G-MAN Toilet 2.5 Morph in SkibiVerse. Now, go out there and try to get it yourself!

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