Slap Battles: How To Get Frostbite Easy Guide

Your obby skill will be tested!

Slap Battles: How To Get Frostbite Easy Guide

Slap Battles puts a twist to your ‘ol PVP game with Gloves as players crowd to get a new one every time, like the new Frostbite. And some gloves can be very hard to get and even grindy. But if you know what you’re facing, if you’re prepared, the whole process can be a lot easier. Here’s how to get Frostbite the easy way. Well, as easy as it can be.

How To Get Frostbite Easy Guide

First, you need to get to the area filled with obbies. To do that, get an Iceskate to freeze you. Then get a Frostbite user to use their ability while you’re using your shard. This should teleport you to where you need to be.

This is an Ice Obby where you have to deal with slippery ice and a lot of precise jumping. Each obby you pass means you don’t have to repeat them should you fail later in subsequent stages. There’s a checkpoint of sorts between some stages to keep it from being too repetitive.

  • First one is simple. Simply jump across the 8 platforms. Everytime you fail, the obby will remove the broken glass platform.
  • Second one is a simple ice obby. Note that you must spam jump to reduce the slippery effect. It ends with a jump to a thin piece of ice to another where you have to hug the wall.
  • Then, the third one is harder as you have to time your jump carefully to get across. Make sure to spam jump still so you don’t slip off.
  • Fourth one is a little tricky. If you’re not used to the movement in Roblox, you might find the controls a little confusing. Jump out of the edge and immediately turn your camera back while pressing W and A to change direction.
  • Fifth is another straight forward ice obby where you balance on a thin ice and then jump across several platforms. But the final part of the obby is very tricky. You have to jump across several think slabs of ice which needs maximum precision. Use sideway jump for the final reach.
  • And then, the sixth part is to the left after finishing the fifth one. Hug the wall and you can see slabs of ice stuck on the wall. Jump across on them to reach the top.
  • Up here, there are several sparsely placed platforms. They’re very far apart, so just be careful of that. Jump sideway if you don’t feel confident.
  • The Ice Essence is available for pick up!

That’s how you can reach the Ice Essence and get Frostbite easy in Slap Battles. Want to know how to get the Knockoff Glove? Check out the guide as well!


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