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Slap Battles How To Get New Oven Glove

New weapons and gear in multiplayer games is always a fun time. Not only do you have new stuff to play with, but you can also think of possible ways on how this will affect the game. A new weapon can be the new meta after all, or just something fun to use. In Slap Battles, there is the new Oven Glove that you can get, and it has some really interesting mechanics.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can get this new glove in the game. We’ll also show you what the glove does when you use it in battle. Now, let’s see what this thing does!

How To Get New Oven Glove

There are a lot of new weapons you can choose in Slap Battles and one of them is the Oven Glove. This glove requires 31,000 Slaps and can be found in the middle of the Meteor and Guardian Angel gloves as shown below.

There are tons to choose from in this game so make sure to keep an eye out for it or you’ll easily miss it. Make sure to go check out our guide on How to counter the Alchemist glove if you haven’t already!

Slap Battles Oven Glove

When you use the glove in the game you can spawn in an Oven. Enemies around the oven will be placed inside of it as a timer counts down just above it.

Once the timer is done a small sound will play and it will launch whoever is inside forward of the oven.

This glove can be quite effective when combined with other gloves so go out there and try to experiment. You should also check what gloves can effectively counter this one as well!

Slap Battles Spawn Oven

That’s how you get the new Oven Glove in Slap Battles in Roblox. Now go out there and try the new Oven glove yourself and watch your enemies get launched out of ovens!

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