Slap Battles: How To Get Siphon Gloves

Which gloves give the best slaps? Is it the Siphon?

Go on a slapping frenzy in this Roblox slapping simulator called Slap Battles where you slap your opponents and reach the top of the leaderboards using a wide variety of gloves. One of those gloves is the Siphon Gloves. This guide will tell you how to obtain it. 

How To Get Siphon Gloves

With the new update, there’s a brand new glove in Slap Battles and it’s called the Siphon Glove. Fans are eager to obtain this glove for themselves since it has 47 power, 15 Speed and its ability is the Power of Science!

In order to get the new glove, it requires the “Caution: High Voltage” badge. So, stick around and we’ll tell you what you need to do. 

The next things you need are:

  1. Someone who already has the Siphon Glove
  2. At least 5k slaps
  3. The MR. Glove
MR Glove in Slap Battles.

Time to head to the Arena! Once the Arena starts, you’ll need to head over to the Cube of Death.

Cube of death in Slap Battles.

Once you do that, your siphon user friend will need to use their ability on the cube of death. 

Note: the siphon glove’s ability has a cooldown for the cube of death. When you or your friend uses the ability on the cube of death, you will need to wait 30 minutes to use the ability once again.

The cooldown saves across servers but there’s a trick you can use. Give another player the glove so they can use the ability again and also simultaneously help other players obtain the badge and glove. 

Now, once you use the ability on the cube of death, the cube will have electricity coursing around it. Touch the cube and it will spawn the Siphon orb.

Siphon Orb in Slap Battles.

This is where the challenging part begins. 

When the orb spawns, the cube will continue releasing explosions and everyone in the arena will make attempts to catch the orb before you do. If you end up losing the orb somehow, you’ll have to wait and repeat the whole process.

Strategies to catch the orb

  • The orb moves away from any nearby players but if it sees there are no players near it, it will move closer to the island so use that for coming up with a strategy.
  • The testers themselves claim that the MR. Glove is the best glove to use in order to catch the orb, so try using one. 
Mr Glove ability in Slap Battles.

Once you succeed in catching the orb, you get to collect the badge. After which, you also get the Siphon Glove as a reward! You can now use the glove in the arena or help other players in acquiring their own gloves, too!

Let’s also look at how the Siphon glove works in the Arena.


  • Press E to launch a device.
Launching a device in in Slap Battles.
  • The device emits electricity that sucks in other players.
  • Once launched, it continues emitting the electricity for about 2-3 seconds.
  • To set the distance at which you want to launch the device, press and hold E. 
Launching a device in in Slap Battles.
  • The player-attraction range is decent. 

Try out the glove for yourself in the Arena and let us know if it lived up to its hype! While you’re here also check out other Slap Battles guides like this one called the Best Fish Spots Guide!


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