Slap Battles: How To Get Snow Peep UGC Fast

How about getting this one cute little friend for yourself?

Slap Battles: How To Get Snow Peep UGC Fast

In Roblox Slap Battles, there is currently a limited-time event that lets you collect a unique UGC for your Roblox character. The item is the Snow Peep UGC, which is something you can get after completing the objectives the game gives you. In this guide, we will show you how to get the Snow Peep UGC so you can start using it.

How To Get Snow Peep UGC Fast

To get the Limited, you will need to gather 3 different items. They are the Bob Plush, Rob Plush, and the Alchemist’s Hood.

Alchemist’s Hood

The Alchemist’s Hood is found in the Elude Maze. To go to the Elude Maze, you will need to find a Keypad behind the trees. The Keypad spawns at every 10-minute mark.

Make sure you use your best movement gloves to make the process easier. If you have the game pass, you can use the Spectator Gloves to fly around.

The first location is in the Normal Arena. Go to the island with a face statue and you will find a tree in the middle. Look behind that tree.

If you cannot fly to the other side, enter the arena through the Default Only portal. Then, jump down to land on top of the island.

Slap Battles: How To Get Snow Peep UGC Fast Tree

For the second location, turn around and go in the completely opposite direction. You will then find yourself on a floating island. To go there, you will need to climb up the chains so be careful in order to not fall.

Slap Battles: How To Get Snow Peep UGC Fast Island

If you ever fall, you can just respawn and try to go there again. It is somewhere behind the tree that has been marked for you. There are also some small red gloves you can collect for more slaps!

It is recommended that you do server hopping. Hopping between servers can help you find the Keypads more easily.

Slap Battles Tree

If you have found the Keypad, you must enter a Code. In the image below, there are different codes for you to type in depending on the number of players on the server. Before you type in your code, make sure you count carefully so you know how many players are playing.

For example, if there is one player on the server, type 1118. If there are two, type in 1143. There are 14 different codes for you to type in with the player limit of a server being 14.

Slap Battles Codes

Keep in mind that players will be fighting one another for the keypad so it may take you a few tries. Once you have typed in the code, you will teleport to a whole new area.

Look around you and find the painting that resembles the image down below. Next to it will be a small entrance that you can go inside. At the end of the path, you will find the Alchemist’s Hood.

Slap Battles Maze

Rob Plushie

To find the Rob Plushie, you will need to ask your friends to help you. Have one player use the Rob Gloves and the other use the Bob Gloves. Then, tell them to run at each other while activating their abilities. You will also equip the Default Gloves.

As they do this, a purple portal will appear, sucking everyone into it. This will then teleport you to the Null Zone.

Slap Battles Plushie

After that, keep going straight ahead. As you go, go will be blocked by some of the doors. Flick the yellow levers and the door will automatically open.

There is also a lever that lets you create a bridge for you and your teammates to go through. Make sure you go to the other side quickly before the bridge goes down again.

Slap Battles Temple

Rooms after that will start to become more dangerous. There will now be shadows that run at you, dealing damage. You and your friends will want to react quickly and eliminate them as soon as possible. They are very weak so a few slaps will work.

Slap Battles Shadow Monsters

The next room will have stairs that lead downwards, but you do not want to stay down there. After going down the stairs, go up immediately. There will be a platform that will close the entrance, and if you are still down there, you will be trapped and lost.

In front of you will now be a maze. To get out, follow these steps: turn left, go straight until the very end, then turn right. You should be out of it quite easily.

Slap Battles Stairs

The next room is going to be a parkour challenge. Make sure you jump carefully, otherwise you will fall. There is no timer so there is no need for you to go quick. As long as you are careful with each single jump, take your time, and not rush, you should be able to complete it.

Slap Battles Parkour

The next room is also full of monsters, you will want to group up and go slowly with your friends to stay safe. This is a very long hallway with monsters spawning everywhere.

Stick to the right side of the hallway’s wall and you should be good. Once you reach the end, hug the walls and make that turn to the right.

Slap Battles Hallways

After making the turn, you will then be in another hallway. This time, it is more difficult with the monsters spawning, and there are also traps that you need to avoid.

There will be axes hanging at the top of the dungeon, swinging back and forth. To make sure you get through each one safely, use the speed boost from the Default Gloves.

At the end of the hallway, stick to the right side and hug the walls. Keep in mind that you will want to hug the walls until you see a small entrance that you can go through.

Slap Battles Stick to the right

If you have succeeded, you will now find yourself in the prison area. Here is where you can find Rob.

Slap Battles Prison

Keep going straightforward until you get to the area with lots of tables and chairs. Look to your left and you will find Rob in the corner. Then, click on him and and you will collect him.

Slap Battles Rob Plushie

Bob Plushie

The final item you need to collect is the Bob Plushie. To get it, you and another must equip the Reverse Gloves. For Reverse Gloves, you need 5,500 Slaps to purchase them at Spawn. It can be a lot so take some time to farm the currencies for it.

Slap Battles Reverse

You and the other player must use the Reverse Ability and slap each other. There is a chance of you being teleported to Limbo. Keep repeating it until you teleport.

Slap Battles Reverse

It may not work on your first few tries but you will eventually teleport there. Once your screen goes completely white, you know you will teleport.

You will now be in an area that’s completely black and white. The gravity here is also different, meaning that you can jump higher.

Slap Battles Area

Look to your left and you will find some stone pillars you can jump on top of. Jump in the order we have drawn for you in the image below and you will be able to get to the floating island.

Slap Battles Island

On the floating island, you will be able to find the Bob Plushie. Then, click on him and you will be able to collect the last Plushie. After collecting everything, a door will open in the area.

Slap Battles Plushie

If you look at the area again, you will see a glowing door to your left. The door has spawned and now you can enter it. Entering it will teleport you to the Null Zone.

Slap Battles Door

After that, you will be in a room. In the middle of the room, you will be able to find the Snow Peep. You can then click on the Snow Peep to purchase it for 0 Robux. The Snow Peep is going to be free so you do not have to worry about it!

Slap Battles Snow Peep

You can then use the limited Snow Peep UGC for your character. The Snow Peep has an incredibly cute appearance and you can show it to your friends. It may take you a while to get all three items, but in the end, it is absolutely worth it!

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