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Slayers Unleashed: Mitsuri Boss Location

Where to find Mitsuri!

Slayers Unleashed added the Love Hashira on version 0.55. Many people are itching to challenge her into a battle, but where exactly can you find Mitsuri Kanroji?

Mitsuri Kanroji Location

On the new map, head east and walk until you get outside. From here, head north until you reach a fork. Head east again until you reach a clearing. Keep walking northeast and climb the cliff.

After climbing the cliff, keep going straight to the east until you get to the Slayers HQ. You can find Mitsuri beside a tree, in the northern area of the HQ.

Defeating Mitsuri

Mitsuri is incredibly strong so be sure you are prepared before you challenge her. Defeating Mitsuri gives you a 9% Haori Drop and a 4% Nichirin drop.

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