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Sniper Elite 5: Rubble And Ruin (Mission 8) | All Collectible Locations

Collect all these items before completing the mission!

You can go on multiple missions in Sniper Elite 5, with different targets for each mission. However, there are items you can collect in the level before moving on. This guide will show you the location of all the collectibles in Mission 8 in Sniper Elite 5.

Rubble and Ruin Collectible Locations – Sniper Elite 5

Each mission will have different collectibles, and you need to keep an eye out to collect them all. You can find the location of all the collectibles in Mission 8 below. 

  • Go to the area as shown in the map above and you will find a paper on top of a wooden box. 
  • Head into a burned building called Erasserie and the paper will be on the wooden crate. 
  • Head south towards the wall then, turn right. Climb the ladder next to the house and head to the lower floor. Get the key here and head back up to unlock the closed door and find the letter on top of the drawer.
  • Go towards the wall in the map above and look at the house on your right using a scope. Shoot the stone eagle to get it. 
  • In the same area as the previous collectible, head south to a triangular building. The letter will be on the desk in the right room. 
  • In the same building, head to the southern room to find another letter.
  • Head up to the second floor of the building and get the hotel key. Go to your right and open the locked door.  Then, open the safe to get the collectible. 
  • Go to the area on the map above and head south to the building. Climb the ladder on your left until you get to the top. Get the painting in the room. 
  • Also, in the same area, head into the church and climb the ladder. Drop down into the rubble to get the workbench. 
  • Go to the area on the map above and head right to the building with jails. Follow the hallway to the north then turn right to get the resistance report. 
  • Head into the Metro Du Cafe building and then climb to the very top room. 
  • In the central area, go to  La Derniere Cartouche and climb the ladder to your left. Then, use the crowbar here to open the crate on your right. 
  • Head west to the northern ruins and climb up the building to your left. Then, climb to the very top to find the second workbench. 
  • Go to the area on the map above and at the top of the building is the second stone eagle. 
  • Head to the area in the map above and to your left, and use your scope to find the third stone eagle. 
  • In the underground area, you will find a crate with a letter next to it.
  • Also, In the same area, head north and open the gate. Unlock the green crate to your left. 
  • Head inside the building and open the green crate here. Use the key on the blue-locked door to find the third workbench. 
  • When you need to activate the pump, climb the stairs to your right and enter the planning room to get the third hidden item on the table. 

Some items will require keys or equipment like a crowbar to open and unlock them.

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