Solo Leveling: Arise – Best Ways to Get EXP & Gold

How do you farm up both levels and money in this game?

Solo Leveling: Arise is a mobile game based on the titular webtoon that has caught the world by storm some time ago. As with any other game of its kind, there will be a ton of grinding involved as you progress through it. In this guide, we will be showing you some of the best methods to farm up your experience and gold!

Best Ways to Get EXP & Gold

There are many different ways for players to grind for experience and gold in the game, though your mileage will vary depending on a few factors.

Let’s go through each of the viable methods below so you can decide what activity to focus on the most, as well as side activities that will help you passively earn more.

#1. Doing the Gates (EXP & Gold)

One of the game modes that you can participate in is simply called “Gates”. Each of these require you to have at least one key to enter. Keys are said to reset each day, so the general idea is that you should use them all up daily.

There are different types of Gates that can show up as indicated by their color. Blue is going to be the most common one and are fairly straightforward to complete, while the others may have higher difficulty or special modifiers to keep in mind.

Solo Leveling Arise main gates game mode interface

What’s great about this game mode is that you can get a lot of experience and gold by simply going through them on a daily basis.

There are also bonus exp and gold rewards that you can get upon completion., which you can check on the bottom corner of the screen at the main Gates interface.

The amount of both that you get, as well as the various other types of rewards, will vary depending on your level. The higher the level the gate, the better rewards it will offer you.

Solo Leveling Arise player going through a gate

#2. Mining for Resources (Mainly Gold)

In addition to your regular game modes, you can also earn a lot of gold through the mining system. You do not gain experience from this method, but it is a great passive money making method as long as you check it frequently.

The good thing about mining is that the more you do it, the better your rewards will get over time. This is because leveling it up will periodically unlock new passive bonuses, such as faster mining and increased gold gain.

Basically, just keep doing this as much as you can. If you have the free time to check the game whenever you can dispatch new mining teams, you should absolutely do so.

Solo Leveling Arise mining completion rewards

#3. Going Through the Story Mode (Mainly EXP)

One of the most important activities for experience is going to be the main story itself. Make sure to progress as far as you can because you will gain a ton of levels by just going through it normally.

At around chapter 7 of the normal story variant, you will unlock hard difficulty. This will offer a completely fresh set of quests that you can complete for even more experience.

Keep progressing through both difficulty levels in order to maximize your experience gains, and don’t forget to do side quests as well for even more rewards.

As you get further through both normal and hard levels, you’ll notice that the experience rewards will shoot up to around several thousands each!

Solo Leveling Arise story mode chapter selection on hard mode

#4. Selling Unwanted Items (Just Gold, Obviously)

One underrated method of making gold in this game is selling unused or unwanted gear. As you grind through the game, you will undoubtedly rack up a bunch of gear with various rarities.

Every now and then, check your inventory for gear that have bad or useless stats and simply sell them all. Not only will this free up your inventory for better gear, but you will also get a substantial amount of money from doing this regularly.

Solo Leveling Arise artifact inventory with some items selected for selling

#5. Battlefield of Trials (Mainly Gold)

Another money making method you can try out is the Battlefield of Trials game mode, which has two different versions: One for the player, and another for Hunters.

For both types of trials, there are a few floors that will reward you with tens of thousands of gold. There are also other rewards to get through this mode, so try and complete these floors whenever you can.

Solo Leveling Arise battlefield of trials floor selection menu

#6. Battlefield of Time (Mainly Gold)

Finally, the Battlefield of Time is another game mode that can potentially get you a lot of gold over time. The catch is that it is pretty hard, with some rewards locked behind ranks.

This means that you will have to compete with other players on the leaderboard to get the best rewards possible. Aside from that, achievement rewards that you can get whenever will also get you a decent amount of gold and other resources.

Solo Leveling Arise game mode menu with the battlefield of time option highlighted

And those are all of the ways you can grind either gold and experience (or both) in the current state of the game, which isn’t even technically out yet. If you are still not committed to a single account, consider checking out our guide on how to reroll quick and easy in Solo Leveling: Arise!


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