Sol’s RNG: All Aura Showcase

Ever wondered what the rarest aura looks like?

Sol's RNG: All Aura Showcase

The aura catalog in Sol’s RNG had just expanded with the recent update and we’re going to do a showcase for all of them. Sol’s RNG auras are flashier than ever, giving players very cool poses, and banger tracks. Let’s go, we can’t wait to show you all of them!

All Aura Showcase

There are tons of auras in the game right now, including the reskins of some auras, limited ones, and crafted ones. We’re going to list them based on the base aura’s rarity with their reskins if exist.

You can also check out auras you’ve collected in the Collection tab even if you have them removed due to full backpack.

Common, Uncommon, Natural, and Good

We start with the most common auras that you’re going to see so much of by the 3rd hour, you want them gone. But these are also auras that are typically necessary for crafting when you just started.

Common, uncommon, natural, and good auras.

Above are: Common, Uncommon, Natural, and Good. Rarity up to 1 in 8.

Divinus, Rare, Crystallized, Rage, and Rage: Heated

Still common crafting materials, some of these begin showing more lights and colors if worn. Particularly Rage, which also has a Mutated version or skin. Rarity goes up to 1 in 128.

Below are: Divinus, Rare, Crystallized, Rage, and Rage: Heated.

Divinus, Rare, Crystallized, Rage auras.

This is the Rage: Heated, the mutated version of Rage. This is a 1 in 12.8k aura.

Rage: Heated, mutated aura in Sol's RNG.

There’s also the limited Divinus skin, Divinus Love., which adds a hearthrob effect on your character. This is a Valentine’s exclusive gift from finishing Lime’s quest.

Wind, Gilded, Glacier, and Ruby

Next up are the less common auras with Gilded an aura that can be converted into money at the crafter. Rarity goes up to 1 in 512.

Wind, Gilded, Glacier, Ruby auras.

Diaboli, Diaboli: Void, Magnetic, Jackpot, and Precious (Rarity up to 1 in 2048)

Next up are the Jackpot, Magnetic, Precious, and Diaboli. Particularly Diaboli recently received a new skin called the Diaboli: Void which is 1 in 400k.

Diaboli, Magnetic, Jackpot, and Precious auras.

Diaboli and Diaboli: Void comparison shown below.

Diaboli and Diaboli: Void.

Sidereum and Bleeding (Rarity over 1 in 4k)

Bleeding and Sidereum are next. Both at 1 in 4444 and 1 in 4096, they are at complete opposite where one is very dark and the other is bright.

Bleeding and Sidereum auras.

Solar, Lunar (1 in 5k), and Lunar: Full Moon (1 in 500k)

Solar, Lunar: Full Moon, and Lunar.

These are some of the most popular auras because of how their names represent the game’s basic mechanics. Solar is a daytime aura while Lunar is a nighttime aura. These are also materials for crafting gears to increase your luck and rolling speed.

Lunar: Full Moon is a reskin of Lunar.

Flushed and Flushed: Lobotomy (1 in 6974 and 1 in 69740)

Flushed is a cute aura where your face is overlayed by a shy emoticon with spinning golden orb. Lobotomy is a lot more extreme, however. It’s replaced with a green emote with your head on fire.

Flushed: Lobotomy, and Flushed.

And the latest addition is the Flushed: Heart Eye, which is another Valentine’s exclusive after finishing Lime’s quests.

Undead and Undead: Devil (1 in 10k and 1 in 100k)

Where Undead comes with a green cross on your back, Undead: Devil turns you into a flying devil. Your character will be floating with added horns on your head.

Undead and Undead: Devil.

Comet (1 in 12k)

Perhaps one of the easiest to get aura with decent effects and a soundtrack, Comet was a showcase that was added with the latest update!

Eclipse (Epic Crafted Aura at 30k rarity)

This is the only aura that you can craft using Divinus, Solar, and Lunar auras at the workshop.

Undefined (1 in 1,111 or 1 in 1,111,111 breakthrough)

This null weather aura is pretty easy to get when the biome is ‘null’ but is otherwise a 1m+ breakthrough aura. Very eye catching due to the black swirly hole that surrounds the player’s foot and X that covers your face.

Aquatic and Aquatic: Flame (1 in 40k and 1 in 4m)

Aquatic and Aquatic: Flame.

Both are similar in design, but Aquatic: Flame has firey red hue instead of blue and is 100x rarer than the basic Aquatic aura.

Lightning (1 in 40k)

For a 1 in 40k, Lightning is a rather rare aura to be seen in public.

Exotic and Exotic: Apex (1 in 99,999 and 1 in 49,999,500)

Both of them come with some of the best soundtracks in the game. Exotic: Apex particularly features a more hardcore remix of the same soundtrack with its aura. An dinstead of rainbow-ish effect, it has black and green mix.

Exotic and Exotic: Apex.

Bounded (1 in 200k)

Bounded aura.

Perhaps one of the most popular auras in the game for good reasons! Users will appear bound with a tense soundtrack playing in the background.

Celestial (1 in 350k)

Celestial aura.

Celestial features a calming soundtrack while user is suspended on air, featuring two colored threads that connects to the sky. Beautiful and calming to see.

Galaxy (1 in 500k)

Galaxy aura.

A really eye-catching aura. Galaxy features a humming sound that reflects the silent outerspace, but it might get annoying if used for way too long.

Arcane, Arcane: Dark, and Arcane: Legacy (1 in 1m, 1 in 7.5m, and 1 in 15m)

Arcane aura.

Arcane is probably the aura that receives the most revamp, updated with two other skins. It quickly became one of the more popular auras in the game with the basic form featuring rotating glowing shards.

Arcane: Dark is a mutation which is similar, but instead have black orbs. While it is absolutely stunning, it is nearly impossible to see during nighttime.

Arcane: Dark aura.

Arcane: Legacy features background music that are pretty tense and overwhelming.

Arcane: Legacy aura.

Gravitational (1 in 2m)

Gravitational aura.

This glaring aura belongs to Gravitational, a rare roll with equally intense soundtrack to boot. It has rotating debris around it that fits with the gravity theme.

Virtual (1 in 2.5m)

Virtual aura.

Virtual might be one of the milder ones among 1m+ auras on the list. We might see reskins of this particular aura or even a rework because as it is right now, it’s pretty underwhelming.

Hades (1 in 6,666,666)

Hades is another rare aura which is a bit similar to the Undead: Devil where you fly, but you have a more intense, firey effect. It also comes with a loud soundtrack.

Hyper-Volt (1 in 7.5m)

The newest rare aura, Hyper-Volt. Featuring multiple bolt of lightnings that rotate around you.

Chromatic (1 in 10m)

Chromatic aura.

Among the rarest auras is Chromatic, and some might even argue it’s better than other rarer auras. Chromatic comes with a very upbeat song and has rainbow color scheme of aura that rotates like a volume mixer.

Matrix (1 in 50m)

Matrix aura.

This is the rarest aura in the game, featuring gears and music blocks around the user. The soundtrack is also awesome, but if compared to similar auras like the Chromatic, users have complained about this being underwhelming.

Glitch (1 in ???)

Glitch biome is the newest biome added and is pretty much the current rarest one. It’s a biome that allows increased chances to get the Glitch aura, but so far, no footage has been found of it yet.

And those are all aura showcase from Sol’s RNG most recent update. Which one is your favorite?

We’ve also rated the auras and the new one in this Sol’s RNG tier list. Share us your thoughts about them!


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