Sol’s RNG: How To Get All 15 Egg Locations

Gotta collect ‘em all for Easter!

The Easter Hunt is on in Sol’s RNG, so it’s time to visit 15 different locations and get all 15 egg variants. Doing so will reward you with a Luck Boost while the Easter event lasts, as well as give you access to the next set of Easter quests! In this guide, we’ll detail how to collect every single egg for Sol’s RNG Easter Hunt 2024.

How To Get All 15 Egg Locations | Sol’s RNG Easter Hunt

Quest Start | Sol's RNG: How To Get All 15 Egg Locations

Before you start to get all the 15 eggs at various locations, you should start the Easter Hunt quest by speaking to Lime. She can be found on a bench near the starting point, as shown above.

Lime dialogue

Just exhaust her dialogue and accept the quest to find all 15 eggs to officially start the hunt!

Now, we will give each egg and its location a separate section. However, we highly recommend that you don’t skip around too much in this guide, as we’ll be finding them in an optimal order.

With that said, let’s begin!

Egg #1 Carnation Pink

Egg 1  | Sol's RNG: How To Get All 15 Egg Locations

The very first egg is one that requires absolutely no effort. You can find it on the ground next to Lime, so pick it up as soon as you accept the Easter Hunt 2024 quest.

Egg #2 Institutional White

Egg 2 Step 1  | Sol's RNG: How To Get All 15 Egg Locations

Right after picking up the Carnation Pink Egg, turn around toward the Donation Leaderboard. It’s easy to see them from where Lime is, as shown above.

Egg 2 location

Walk up to the Donation Leaderboard and carefully walk behind it to find the second egg, camouflaged against the leaderboard’s white base.

Egg #3 Ghost Grey

Egg 3 Step 1  | Sol's RNG: How To Get All 15 Egg Locations

Get back in front of the Donation Leaderboard and look to its left. You should spot some display cases with items in them, which you can purchase with Robux.

Egg 3 location

The second display from the right doesn’t have a price, though! Instead, it holds the Ghost Grey Egg. Just walk up to it and choose to take it out to collect it.

Egg #4 Magenta

Egg 4 Step 1  | Sol's RNG: How To Get All 15 Egg Locations

Now, look for the house on the hill near the spawn point. It’s easy to see from Lime’s bench, but it should also be easy to spot from the Donation area.

Egg 4 location

Enter the tiny house and you’ll spot the Magenta Egg on the floor, next to a window. Another easy one!

Egg #5 Deep Orange

Egg 5 Step 1  | Sol's RNG: How To Get All 15 Egg Locations

Leave the house after collecting the Magenta Egg and turn to your right, you should spot some floating platforms leading to an Altar.

Egg 5 Step 2

Jump across the first set of platforms until you reach the large central platform with the sign.

Egg 5 Step 3

Then, continue to your left by jumping on the small platforms until you reach the final platform with the Altar.

Egg 5 location

Instead of getting on the Altar, jump on the large platform with the gigantic tree instead. Grab the Deep Orange Egg from below the tree.

Egg #6 Sand Blue

Egg 6 Location | Sol's RNG: How To Get All 15 Egg Locations

Right after you collect the previous egg, jump back toward the platform with the Altar. This time, move the camera so that you can see past the platform’s edge.

You’ll spot the Sand Blue Egg stuck to one side of the platform, hiding in plain sight. The only way to get it is to jump down onto it, which will cause you to respawn!

Egg #7 Dark Nougat

Egg 7 Step 1  | Sol's RNG: How To Get All 15 Egg Locations

Back at the starting area, look for a fenced area far away from the spawn point. It’s in the same direction as the platforms from before, as shown above.

Egg 7 location

Go past the fences and look at the corner furthest away from the starting area to find the egg hiding on the ground floor.

Egg #8 New Yeller

Egg 8 Step 1 | Sol's RNG: How To Get All 15 Egg Locations

From the fenced area, look toward the Most Rolled Leaderboard out in the distance and approach it.

Egg 8 Step 2

Once near the leaderboards, continue walking forward until you reach the edge of the map.

Egg 8 location

Move your camera around and you’ll spot a small hidden location with a tree. The New Yeller Egg is right next to the tree. Collect it and then jump down to respawn.

Egg #9 Medium Brown

Egg 9 Start | Sol's RNG: How To Get All 15 Egg Locations

Once you’ve respawned, go back to the Leaderboards from before. Stand next to the Rarest Stat Leaderboard and look toward the trees to find a brown ladder.

Egg 9 Step 2

Climb the ladder to get on top of the trees, then jump across the trees until you reach the small ledge on the nearby cliff.

Egg 9 Step 3

Shimmy along the cliff carefully until you reach a wider landing with another ladder.

Egg 9 location

Move your camera to look around the ladder and you’ll spot the egg hidden on a small nook that you can easily reach by jumping.

Egg #10 Bright Bluish Green

Egg 10 Step 1 | Sol's RNG: How To Get All 15 Egg Locations

If you’ve thought the egg locations have been easy for this year’s Easter Hunt, things are about to get a tad trickier in Sol’s RNG!

After picking up the previous egg, jump back to the ledge with the ladder and climb it up.

Egg 10 Step 2

Then, shimmy along the ledge until you reach the nearby waterfall.

Egg 10 Step 3

Jump into the hidden cave past the waterfall.

Egg 10 Step 4

You’ll find a small campfire and a hole leading to a bright light. Jump down the hole and you’ll appear in a new area. This area is very dark, so you might need to turn up the brightness!

Egg 10 Step 5

You should notice a suspended bridge right in front of you. Run over it, but be warned that it will collapse after a couple of seconds. You’ll need to jump before it collapses so that you don’t fall.

If you do fall and the bridge collapses, you might have to leave the server and rejoin for it to reappear. It’s the fastest way to get it to respawn, but you’ll need to climb back to this area…

Egg 10 Step 6

Once you’re past the bridge, turn to your right and follow the path.

Egg 10 location

You’ll find the Bright Bluish Green Egg at the end, in front of a picture.

Egg #11 Lapis

Egg 11 Step 1 | Sol's RNG: How To Get All 15 Egg Locations

After collecting the previous egg, drop down to the water and turn around to face an opening leading to a waterfall. Go straight ahead in that direction.

Egg 11 Step 2

Once you reach the waterfall, walk under it.

You’ll phase through the wall and enter a hidden area.

Egg 11 Step 3

Reach the end of the corridor and turn to your left to find the egg next to the entrance. You can easily reach it by jumping up the smaller ledge first.

Egg #12 Really Black

Egg 12 Step 1 | Sol's RNG: How To Get All 15 Egg Locations

Leave the hidden area from the previous egg through the entrance. Look toward your right to find some large stone pillars, walk in that direction.

Egg 12 Step 2

Once you’re near the pillars, look for the pillar closest to the corner. It’s the one furthest away from the waterfall.

Egg 12 Step 3

Jump on the ledges around the pillar and you’ll find the egg facing the corner of the area.

Egg #13 Smoky Grey

Egg 13 Step 1 | Sol's RNG: How To Get All 15 Egg Locations

From the area with the pillars, turn around until you find some pillars emerging out from the lava. Approach it from the ledge with the lantern marked above, which is the starting point.

Egg 13 Step 2

Jump toward the ladder to climb onto the first pillar.

Egg 13 Step 3

Now, cross the first plank to reach the second large pillar.

Egg 13 Step 4

Look toward the distance and you’ll spot another distant pillar with a red mushroom on top of it. That’s your next goal, so jump across the pillars while trying not to fall.

Egg 13 Step 5

If you do fall, you’ll simply be sent to the start of this small platforming section. You won’t be kicked out of the entire cave!

Egg 13 Step 6

Once you reach the pillar with the mushroom, go behind it to find yet another large pillar you can jump onto.

Egg 13 Step 7

Now that you’re on the final pillar of the course, look to your left to spot a ledge. Carefully make your way onto that ledge by jumping on the smaller pillars in the area.

Egg 13 Step 8

When you’re on the ledge, approach the corner marked above. It seems solid, but you can actually phase through it to enter a secret area.

Egg 13 Step 9

You can find the Smoky Grey Egg hiding on an elevated ledge on the corner opposite the entrance.

Egg 13 Step 10

Jump on the nearby ledges to reach it with ease!

Egg #14 Lilac

Egg 14 Step 1 | Sol's RNG: How To Get All 15 Egg Locations

Once you’re done with the Smoky Grey Egg, exit the secret area and jump down into the lava.

Egg 14 Step 2

Now that you’re back to the watery part of the cave, look to your right and follow the path along the ledge.

Egg 14 Step 3

Keep hugging the wall to your right and climbing up the ledges and you’ll reach the starting part of the cave.

Egg 14 Step 4

You remember, right? It’s where the collapsing bridge for the Bright Bluish Green Egg was.

Egg 14 Step 5

Face the collapsing (or collapsed!) bridge and then turn to your left. You should spot some platforms protruding from the walls.

Egg 14 Step 6

Jump across the platforms carefully and you’ll reach an area with some candles on the ground. They’ll light up as you walk past them!

Egg 14 Step 7

Once you reach the white candle, turn to your left to spot even more candles signaling a hidden path.

Egg 14 Step 8

You now have to follow the candles, jumping up across ledges and platforms.

Egg 14 Step 9

The candles will eventually lead you to a small alcove with a tent, which is where Stella resides.

Egg 14 location

Look inside Stella’s tent to find the Lilac egg. There’s only more egg left!

While you’re here, it might be a good idea to start Stella’s quests!

Egg #15 Maroon | Easter Hunt End

Egg 15 Step 1 | Sol's RNG: How To Get All 15 Egg Locations

Considering how annoying the past few eggs were, the final egg location is actually refreshingly easy. It’s also found near Stella’s tent, on the small elevated puddle.

Egg 15 Step 2

Jump onto the elevated part of the area and get on the puddle of water.

Egg 15 Step 3

It’s hard to see normally, so you might need to move your camera to aim upwards. Nonetheless, the final egg is in a corner of the water puddle.

All Eggs Found!

So, there you have it, you’ve now visited 15 different egg locations and completed the 2024 Easter Hunt for Sol’s RNG.

Lime congratulates the player for getting all Eggs

All that’s left to do is to return to Lime, who will give you the “Easter Blessing” Luck buff as your reward! She’ll also tell you about another quest, allowing you to progress further in the Easter event and even get the Star Egg. In case you’re interested, you can check out our guide on all the new auras for Era 6 of Sol’s RNG!


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