Sons of the Forest 1.0 – How To Find Cave A Artifact Piece

What is this strange object I’ve stumbled across?

Sons of the Forest has been teasing a series of artifact pieces for a while during the duration of its Early Access. With Update 1.0, you can now finally use these artifact pieces and actually activate them for a really cool device. However, finding these artifact pieces can be quite a challenge.

In this guide, we will show you how you can get one of the first artifact pieces. It’s located in Cave A of the Sons of the Forest, aka the Rebreather Cave. We strongly recommend that you try to get all of them as it’ll give you quite possibly one of the coolest and strongest devices in the game. Let’s dive in.

How To Find Cave A Artifact Piece

If you’re not familiar with Artifact Pieces, they are strange metallic looking objects scattered all around Sons of the Forest. Often, they’ll have the ‘???’ description when you come across them. You can also find an artifact piece in Cave B.

Starting off, you’ll need to make your way to the entrance of Cave A. This is the cave where you can also find the Rebreather for the first time when playing the story in Sons of the Forest. 

If you don’t know where it is, here’s the location of Cave A on the GPS map.

Cave A location in Sons of the Forest.

Once you’re here, make your way through the small gap that serves as the entrance. The Artifact Piece is essentially located in a secret area towards the end of this cave. So, we’ll be going through quite a few twists and turns to get to it!

Entering Cave A in Sons of the Forest.

After you’re inside, make your way ahead. For the most part, this part ahead will be pretty straightforward. You’ll bump into quite a few enemies and it is up to you if you want to ignore them or kill them. Eventually, you’ll come across a fork in the road.

You should turn towards the right, where there is a small gap.

Going through Cave A gap in Sons of the Forest.

Go ahead and you’ll eventually come across yet another fork. The path divides into two distinct spots. A rotting corpse in the middle of the junction will act as a marker. For this part, select the left path.

Cave A can have a lot of these maze-like areas, especially for getting to the artifact piece.

Going left path of Cave A in Sons of the Forest.

Keep going forward and you’ll come across an obstacle in the form of a blocked pathway. Use any melee weapon to break down the wooden boards. Nothing is going to stop you from getting to that artifact!

Breaking wooden barrier in Sons of the Forest.

Walk a few steps forward and it may look like you’ve reached a dead end. However, there is a small gap in the ground through which you can rapple down. Descend down to the darkness and continue moving forward.

Descending the rope in Sons of the Forest.

Eventually, you’ll come across yet another fork in the path. For this part, you should go towards the left. It’s a small gap that you can crouch in with a bunch of hanging wooden crosses.

There are plenty of other artifact pieces you’ll need – so why not also check out the location for artifact piece in Cave D.

Going towards crouch hole in Sons of the Forest.

Crouch down and make your way ahead through this tight space.

Crouching down into Cave A in Sons of the Forest.

After you leave the gap and stand up, you’ll come across some hanging skeletons. Turn to the left from here and keep going forward. If you’re interested, you can even spot a blueprint on the ground as you go ahead.

Turning left from hanging skeletons in Sons of the Forest.

There will be another wooden board obstacle blocking you after going ahead. Have your melee weapon handy and break it down. Don’t worry, you’re almost there to the Cave A Artifact piece!

Breaking open wooden boards in Sons of the Forest.

Now, keep going ahead through the corridor but keep a sharp eye on the left. After a bit of walking, you’ll see that there is a gap on the left side. Climb into this gap and continue moving forward.

Going left of corridor in Sons of the Forest.

Cave A’s design will change here quite a bit with strange looking structures. This is your cue that you are heading in the right direction and are extremely close to the Artifact piece. Just keep following the path and you’ll eventually see a strange looking artifact piece buzzing with strange green electricity.

Approach the artifact piece and pick it up. There you go, you have one of the six potential artifact pieces!

If you’re interested in collecting all of them, here’s a complete guide on all the Artifacts & how to activate them in Sons of the Forest 1.0!

Cave A Artifact Piece found in Sons of the Forest.

That’s everything you need to know about getting the Cave A artifact piece in Sons of the Forest. The journey isn’t quite done yet and there are still 5 more artifact pieces to get. Additionally, you will also need to activate each of them before your efforts can actually bear fruit!

Our guide on finding the last piece and activating them all can certainly help you out. Be warned though, it does have spoilers to the main story.


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