Sons Of The Forest Update 1.0: What To Expect, Complete Breakdown

This one will be a huge update!

The release date of the first update (1.0) of Sons of the Forest has finally been announced, and the game will no longer be in early access! Sons of the Forest will get its first update on February 22, 2024. While we are yet to learn everything about what’s coming up in this new update, we do have some sneak peeks to look at. In this guide, we are going to talk about what you can expect from this update.

What To Expect

The specifics of the update’s contents were not disclosed by the game developers. However, they released an official trailer that we can examine and guess about what will happen. Let’s discuss what we can understand from this trailer.

Shooting an arrow to the sky in Sons of the Forest.


The trailer starts with our character coming across a couple of raccoons in the forest. Raccoons are not completely new in the game, as they were present in the original game, The Forest. It looks like they are adding them to this game as well. We are not sure what you can do with them, but we expect it to be a good thing since they showed a long recording of them in the trailer.

Raccoons in Sons of the Forest Update 1.0.


One of the major things that the game lacked was the mining. In this trailer, we see that we can finally get ourselves a pickaxe. Before this addition, you could only pick up essential resources from various locations. Now, you can actually start mining, how cool!

Pickaxe in Sons of the Forest Update 1.0.


Another thing that we noticed in the trailer is that there seems to be a new cave with a huge glowing light beam inside. We are not sure what is waiting for us inside this cave, but we are eager to discover!

A new cave in Sons of the Forest Update 1.0.

New Event

Moving on, we see that there is a man who is holding a flare-up to the sky with a bunch of pallets behind him. While this one is definitely new, we do not know what it is all about. Our guess is that this might be a new event, and you might need to rescue him to get some kind of reward.

New event in Sons of the Forest Update 1.0.


Next, we have a new mutant addition to the game! This one has two legs for the upper part of the body, and judging by how fast and far it can jump, it will give the players a tough time. But what is the fun of playing a survival game if you cannot fear for your life, right?

New mutant in Sons of the Forest Update 1.0.

Glider Enhancement

Now, we see that someone is using a glider to jump very high in the sky. The game already had that exact glider, so we were not sure if this was something new. However, apparently, you cannot jump as high as we have seen in this new trailer. This means that the glider will now get an enhancement, and it will be a lot more useful for everyone!

Using the glider in Sons of the Forest Update 1.0.

Golf Cart GPS

Next, we see that you will now have a very big GPS on your golf cart while driving around. This feature was something that was requested by many people, and we finally got it! Now you actually know where you are headed.

Golf Cart GPS in Sons of the Forest Update 1.0.

Golden Armor Enhancement

Next, we see a cannibal wearing a Golden Armor. Once again, we are not sure if it will be an enhancement or something completely different. However, the golden armor in the game had a couple of issues, and it was not very strong before. So, we are hoping that it is getting an enhancement.

A cannibal wearing the golden armor in Sons of the Forest Update 1.0.

A New Ending (?)

Later in the trailer, we see that there is a helicopter rising to the sky, and there are bolts of lightning everywhere. It looks very chaotic, and we are not sure what it is about, but we are guessing that this might be a new ending in the game.

Helicopter and lightning in Sons of the Forest Update 1.0.

This is everything we see in the new trailer for Sons of the Forest Update 1.0. It looks like the game will get really polished, and we have a huge update coming to the game. If you would like to see other Sons of the Forest guides, do not forget to check our archive!


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