Sorcery: Complete Beginner’s Guide (Roblox)

The guide to becoming a full-fledged sorcerer, or curse..

Sorcery is an open world PVP Roblox game which is inspired by the popular anime about Curses called Jujutsu Kaisen. If you’re just getting into the game and don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for the complete beginner’s guide to Sorcery Roblox. 

Complete Beginner’s Guide 

We’ll be discussing the very basics of the game so you can get a massive head-start when you start playing Roblox Sorcery for yourself. 

This comprehensive guide will include: 

  1. Location of curses/humans
  2. How to Kill
  3. Ways to level up
  4. Cursed Energy
  5. Upgrading skills mechanism
  6. Unlocking Cursed technique

So, by the end of this guide, you should know all of the basics which is enough for you to get a good idea on how to progress faster in the game. Stick around till the end! We’ll start with a small introduction.


After you pick your slot, you’ll be introduced to a menu where you can customize your settings and your character. In the first window you can pick your cursed technique and your innate domain by rolling. The second window displays your clan

Start Menu in Sorcery Roblox

And the third window says “character” and it includes your character design like your Gender, character name and the type of Mage you’d want to be. The two mages are: Sorcerer and Curse

The two are not different by much. The only difference is Curse has more region and Sorcerers have more curse energy. Once you’ve covered this, you can pick your hair color and skin color in the next screen.

Customization in Sorcery Roblox

Next, you’re going to spawn into the game. Now, let’s move toward the locations of curse and humans in the game.

Locations of Curse / Humans

The first place you should head to is Curse Forest because it is one of the best places to farm. 

Cursed forest in Sorcery Roblox

When you spawn into this location, go deeper into the forest where there are trees and that’s where mobs will spawn into. You’ll also discover a chest that you can take right after you defeat the monsters or humans.

Chest in Sorcery Roblox

So, when monsters do show up, how do you kill them? We’ll cover that in the next point.

How To Kill

Here are some controls you can learn before getting into combat with any of the enemies.

  • R to Critical attack
  • Ctrl + M1 to uppercut
  • Q to dodge 
  • F to parry or block
  • CTRL + Left Click to Uptilt
  • E to Charge Cursed Energy Output
  • T to sheathe weapon

Next, the strategy to kill mobs or humans is basically just attacking them while they’re on the ground. You can also press V to carry them to take control. Eventually the enemy is going to die when you continue attacking them on the ground. 

Curses in Sorcery Roblox

You can use the same tactic for other enemies, as well. Defeat enough enemies and you can even level up. Let’s see all the ways you can level up in this game. 

Ways to Level Up 

There is only one way to level up in this game. If you are a sorcerer, you level up by killing monsters. 

Mobs in Sorcery Roblox

And if you’re a curse, you level up by killing Human mobs. Unfortunately, killing monsters or humans, depending on whether you’re a sorcerer or curse, is the only way you can increase your level. 

However, it is important to note that if you kill a curse as a sorcerer, you level up much faster as compared to killing mobs. So, kill your mobs or curses and collect all of your chests as you do so for a lot of loot. 

The chests usually contain trinkets, weapons or even Sukuna fingers just like in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime. Next up, let’s talk about your cursed energy.

Cursed Energy

The white bar at the bottom of your screen (the one that’s smaller and below the big red bar) is your Cursed energy bar. 

cursed energy bar in Sorcery Roblox

Your cursed energy charges passively so anytime you use a move, you’re going to use up some of it and then you can recharge it by holding E. Additionally, physical moves don’t use any cursed energy. Now that we’re done here, it’s time to leave the mission and head back to our initial location for our next step. To leave the mission, you can head to inventory and press Leave

Upgrading Skills Mechanism

Now at this point, you should have some skill points. It’s time to invest your skill points you received from all that leveling up into upgrading your skills. To do this, speak to an NPC character named Voxel. You can see what she looks like from the image below:

Voxel for improving skills in Sorcery Roblox

Voxel will say that she can improve your skills, all you have to do is choose your skill and she will do her best. 

For the sake of an example, let’s say we upgrade Dragon Flash. Upgrading it will cost one cursed gem and 50 essences (which is the currency in the game). If you have those resources and currency, then accept. 

Everytime you upgrade your skills, it’ll cost more each time. If money ever becomes a problem, you can always sell your stuff to the merchant in the village.

Merchant in Sorcery Roblox

Finally, let’s move to the last basics you need to know in this beginner’s guide, which is unlocking your cursed technique. 

Unlocking your cursed technique

If you haven’t unlocked your cursed technique yet, then you’ll likely first spawn into a place called the dream world. It’ll be a random dream world. 

Dream world in Sorcery Roblox

You’ll appear lost and confused but to get out of this place you’ll need to follow Whispers. For this, make sure to turn your sound up so you can hear whispers and follow in the direction of them. The whispers will lead you to a void. When you see the void, jump into it.  

Void in Dream world in Sorcery Roblox

When you jump into the void, you’ll wake up from the dream world. Upon waking up, you’ll also have a mob of enemies completely attacking you. They’re the same mobs from the Cursed Forest so they’re not difficult to defeat. Just fight them off to get rid of them.

However, it won’t be over yet after killing them. You’ll respawn back at your dream world, and you’ll have to repeat the entire process again. So, follow the whispers, find the void, jump in, wake up and defeat the mob. You will only need to do this 3-4 times until you wake up back at the village. 

Mobs in Sorcery Roblox

If you don’t wake up in the dream world and instead wake up at the village, that’s when you’ve unlocked your cursed technique! You can go to your Skill tree to see if the technique is unlocked. 

NOTE: Killing all those mobs during your dream world experience, gives you tons of leveling up points so keep fighting them!

And that’s all you need to know about the basics of Roblox Sorcery. While you’re here check out our other cool guides like this one on How To Get Bronze in Hades 2!


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