Sorcery: How To Get Domain Expansion Guide (Roblox)

Take down your enemies and climb the ranks!

Roblox Sorcery just changed the requirements to get Domain Expansion. Some mechanics have stayed the same, but the change is enough to require a guide like this one. In this game, fight enemies and embark on a wizarding adventure in this PVE and PVP game. This guide will cover how to get Domain Expansion to make things easier for you.

How To Get Domain Expansion

The latest update in Sorcery added a ranked mode, which is the new way to get Domain Expansion, This means that there is a certain number of matches in the Ranked Arena you have to win to get the Domain Expansion. 

This is the ranked match mode in Roblox Sorcery.

Apart from the new game mode, the update also introduces a new weapon type that has skyrocketed its way into the meta. Using this weapon can also be crucial to helping you get Domain Expansion. 

I’ll talk about this in more detail below.

Ranked Matches

To cut to the chase, you need 18 wins for Domain Expansion. Additionally, like before, you need to get knocked by anything.

Just as the name suggests, each win in ranked mode will contribute to your fighting rank in the game. As you progress in battle, so will the difficulty of the enemies you face. In general, it’s recommended to play to your strengths to obtain Domain Expansion.

The new update also features a new weapon type: Twin Glocks. If you obtain these weapons, they can also help you with ranked matches due to how good they are. Take advantage of these while you can because some speculate that the devs will nerf these weapons after the update.

The twin glocks are great weapons that you can use in Roblox Sorcery.

All in all, the way to get Domain Expansion in Sorcery is as simple as winning matches. If you’re new to the game and want to get a headstart, here’s our Complete Beginner’s Guide in Sorcery for more awesome info!


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