Soul Knight Prequel: Best Artillerist Build Guide & End Game

How do you build the perfect Artillerist for the late game stages?

There are many specializations that you can dive into in Soul Knight Prequel, and among them is the Artillerist, which is a combination of the archer and pyromancer base classes.

With the right build, it can be a powerhouse when it comes to clearing out mobs and melting bosses. Having said that, here is a build that you can try out in the later stages of the game.

Best Artillerist Build Guide & End Game

By this point in the game, you will have probably already figured out that DEX is the most important stat for this class, as you will need a lot of it to deal damage and evade attacks.

INT may be useful as well, but this build will mainly be focusing on dexterity.

For your Artillerist skills, the essential choices are the following (for the other two base classes, refer to the image below):

  • Sphaera Sagittantis – Active buffing ability that increases your normal attack damage by a significant amount.
  • Fire Aura – Another active buff that causes you to deal bonus fire damage with your attacks.
  • Trueshot Aura – This buff increases your dexterity and movement speed by a decent amount.
  • Tumbling Shot – The user performs an evasive roll and fires several projectiles at nearby enemies.
  • Rapid Fire – This channeled ability allows the user to shoot a barrage of arrows at a single target that deals a lot of damage.
  • Pyroclad – This will boost your survivability and fire damage by a bit whenever you get hit.
  • Omnicombustion – Makes your fire damage tick much faster than normal.
  • Blazing Alacrity – Increases your critical chance whenever you deal fire damage.
  • Adhesive Gunpowder – Temporarily boosts your normal attacks.
Artillerist Soul Knight Spells

Meanwhile for the other base class spells, here are the options you must take:

Soul Knight Spells Artillerist Subclass Ranger and Pyromancer

This combination of abilities will drastically speed up your farming speed as you will be zipping through dungeons and clearing out bosses with ease.

Gear & Pet

For your companion, you will want to have something that has Spirited, as this ability will temporarily increase your attack and charge-up time, boosting your damage output.

As for your equipment, the top pick will be the Medusa set, as it will provide you with bonus damage the further you are from your target. It also gives Multishot, which increases how many projectiles you shoot out.

Soul Knight Prequel medusa set

The Varkolyn set can be a decent alternative as well since it will also increase your damage output and speed up damage-over-time effects.

In addition to that, pieces of the C6H806 set can also be useful due to the Brutality fatebound node, as it will increase both your critical chance and damage.

The Goblin Sacrificial Bow will be your ideal weapon choice due to its Spirit of the Goblin fatebound node, which grants you free health and mana with every enemy defeated.

Soul Knight Prequel goblin sacrificial bow

Boons of the Valkyrie

When it comes to this feature, pick the Wreath of the Norns. It will give you a slight boost in your area of effect damage dealing capabilities.

Thematically, this choice also pairs quite well with your class as it heavily emphasizes dealing massive fire damage to multiple enemies.

Soul Knight Prequel boons

As per ArtilleristPro420 in the comments….

We have a guest, guys, ArtilleristPro420, and they have suggested that the build could use some adjustments. And of course, I agree! As per their comment, they say:

“Don’t spread skill points everywhere; just focus on four main skillsBarrage+Ailment, Magic, or Charge Attack (Bleeding). For pets, go for Spirited (Intelligence) and Greedy (Intelligence) to boost HP and Mana regen by +100%, and Greedy resets every time your pet loots. Prioritize looting. Also, slap on a Cryolite Necklace for a 70% cooldown reduction.”

If you agree, feel free to apply the tips & tricks they’ve provided and see if it does improve the build. Thanks for commenting, ArtilleristPro420, I appreciate ya’!

And that is pretty much it for this build. Hopefully this helps you maximize your DPS as an Artillerist in Soul Knight Prequel. Good luck grinding for the set pieces, however, as it may take you a while to complete your gear!

Up next, if you’re interested in checking out all classes in Soul Knight Prequel & their best builds, make sure to check out our dedicated complete guide for those as well!


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