Soul Knight Prequel: Best Assassin Build Guide & End Game

Watch numbers fly all over the place!

Soul Knight Prequel: Best Assassin Build Guide & End Game Featured Image

There’s plenty of classes to choose from in Soul Knight Prequel. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses that rely on your hand-eye coordination in order to remain effective out in the field.

And just like with every good game, there’s always going to be a proper build for each and every class you choose.

In this guide, we’ll be tinkering around with what items go well with the Assassin. Check out the rest of the guide if you want to know what else the assassin class can do for you in the end game!

Best Assassin Build Guide & End Game

You only need to take the passive skills when playing as the Assassin. Check out the image provided below to find out which skills to invest in to maximize the effectiveness of your Assassin.

Don’t forget to invest your stat points into Dexterity as well.

Some of Assassin’s passive skills also focus on using critical hits to gain damage buffs and healing, orientating around Exsanguination and the Bleeding status effect.

Soul Knight Prequel Skills

Here’s some of the equipment you can use for your build:

  • Colossal Zweihander of Black Archknight – Can be taken from the Black Archknight at the Ruined Castle. It boosts your critical chance and damage by 15%.
  • Cuirass of the Crystal Snapclaw – Provides 15% Mana regen, saving you from having to use mana potions.
  • Infernal Mask – Gives you the same amount of Mana regen along with the Cuirass. Both effects stack.
  • Dragoon Warboots – Further increases your dexterity and regular damage.
  • Jade Ring – Gives you a bonus critical chance of 45%.
  • Necklace of the Crystal Snapclaw – Increases your critical damage by an additional 15%.

Putting all of those together along with the correct skills will get your Crit Damage all the way to 300%. You should also have a Bonus Crit Chance of at least 75%.

Soul Knight Prequel Inventory

Invest in your Fatebound Items as well. Fatebound Items come from items sharing the same Fatebound Node.

Once you equip two or three of the same items, its effect will be activated, enhancing your abilities even further. Keep an eye out for items that have these nodes:

  • Premium Bundle – Increases all of your base stats.
  • Blowout – Increases the range of all melee attacks and AOE skills.
  • Backlash – Triggers your melee damage twice.
  • Onslaught – DOT skills tick faster.
  • Lifesteal – Absorbs enemy HP when you attack them (make sure you hit your target).
  • Heavy Armor – Grants damage reduction and Knockback Resistance.
Soul Knight Prequel Fatebound Items

And that’s the best Assassin you can have in Soul Knight Prequel. Try your own build and see how fast you can clear the Ruined Castle and the bosses like the Grand Wizard!

Up next, if you’re interested in checking out all classes in Soul Knight Prequel & their best builds, make sure to check out our dedicated complete guide for those as well!


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