Soul Knight Prequel: Best Bastion Build Guide & End Game

A deadly gunner.

Soul Knight Prequel: Best Bastion Build Guide & End Game

The Bastion is an interesting build in Soul Knight Prequel, mainly because of how it’s a mix of Aegis and Archer.

There are pros and cons to this build with the pro clearly being the insane DPS you can bring out of a Bastion. On the other hand, Bastion remains as one of the more fragile builds in the game.

Best Bastion Build Guide & End Game

The Bastion build starts with where to allocate your skill points to. Then we’ll show you the best equipment to go with this build and Fatebounds to pick.

There isn’t much to the skill rotation, but more to how to make the best use of your Fatebounds as a Ranger.

Skill Points

We start with the skills best for this build. Bastion requires as many ranged skills as possible, but uniquely stacks damage by scaling it also off DEF.

Archer: Resistance Conditioning, Trueshot Aura, Precision Barrage, Spot Weakness, and Cloudpiercer Shot.
Aegis: Indomitable Blows, Kinetic Barrier, Devotion Aura, and Steadfast.
Bastion: Aimbot, Human Bunker, Automech Arbalest, and Armored to the Teeth.

What is this skillset? Bastion’s skills are a mix of big tank with big ranged damage. But as you can imagine, you cannot have your cake and eat it too.

Bastion’s build split into either you want to survive a long fight or trade that for a glass cannon build.

Bastion Best Glass Cannon Skill Set Soul Knight Prequel

This build is the Glass Cannon build, one that pierces through any amount of enemies. It is a build that lets you finish fights very fast as long as you’re playing it right.

While you have somewhat basic means of surviving, such as the excuse to have high defense from your Aegis side, on Bastion’s skill tree, you take nothing but more DPS skills.

Key to using this build is to always stay away the enemy and shoot from a safe distance. Due to one of your skills, sometimes you have less movement speed in exchange for stronger hits.

Be careful in positioning, but if you do it right, you can easily reach 500k damage consistently. A fully built player even showcased a 2.4m Bastion on the Scarecrow, so this is a pretty solid build!

Stat Points

DEX, DEX, and more DEX! The main priority of this build is DEX followed by STR for that raw physical damage. The healthy ratio is around 2:1 for DEX and STR.

Allocate a minimum amount for INT. Thankfully, even though you don’t really have survival skills, high STR means higher HP pool.

Boons Of The Valkyrie

For the Boons, generally the Thor’s Demesner and Blightbringer are great choices. Use Thor’s Demesner on Precision Barrage and Blightbringer on Kinetic Barrier.

Blightbringer allows you summon Surtr as your extra tank and DPS. Finally, Gungnir, the Truepiercer is a great choice for the Devotion Aura.

Soul Knight Prequel Boons of the Valkyrie Bastion


For the gears, you want Buccaneer’s set, Medusa’s set, and most importantly, the insane ranged-weapon Soul Calibre G.

While Fatebound is definitely something that you’ll have to work on slowly, here are the main ideal ones you want to focus on:

  • Precision Barrage: Shadow
  • Spirit of the Medusa
  • Spirit of the Buccaneer Admiral
  • Lock On
  • Brutality
Soul Knight Prequel Fatebound Bastion
An example built by boredbore

Additionally, other Fatebound you can get are Heavy Ordinance, Multishot, and Light Armor. What can also be slightly different – are the number of pieces you use in these sets.


Pets are always the last thing to be worried about. Your companion having extra skills to buff your damage or survival are either way great.

This depends on if you find yourself not used to the stationary, glass cannon playstyle and constantly die in dungeons or not.

And that’s the full metal build for Bastion in Soul Knight Prequel. Have fun blasting monsters off-screen!

Up next, if you’re interested in checking out all classes in Soul Knight Prequel & their best builds, make sure to check out our dedicated complete guide for those as well!


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