Soul Knight Prequel: Best Heretic Build Guide & End Game

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Soul Knight Prequel Best Heretic Build Guide End Game

Thinking and planning for the right build-in RPGs can be fun but also time-consuming. All the time theory-crafting and testing out builds can be a slog and most people don’t have the time.

You’ll want a pre-made build that’s ready to go as these Heretic builds for Soul Knight Prequel! If you want to use the Heretic and be viable in the end game, then this build is for you!

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can set up the best Heretic build for the game. We’ll go through all the skills, stats, and gear you need to breeze through the game. Now, let’s see what this build is about!

Best Heretic Build Guide & End Game

This build for Soul Knight Prequel focuses on the Heretic with a little bit of Animancer and Pyromancer thrown into the mix.

The build starts to shine when it reaches level 50 and can take you beyond that. Now here are the stats, skills, and passives that you’ll need for the build.

SIDE NOTE: The Animancer class isn’t a base class you get at the start, so here’s a detailed guide on how to unlock the Animancer class in the game!

Soul Knight Prequel Stats Heretic


Most of the classes in the game have a main stat that they always focus on. For this build, we’ll be placing most of our points onto Intelligence while adding some Strength for Max HP. Here is the stat allocation for this build:

  • STR – 157
  • DEX – 20
  • INT – 327

Skills & Passives

There are 3 main skill trees that we’ll be using for this build and that’s the Animancer, Pyromancer, and Heretic. You’ll have several active skills as well as some passive skills to augment the former. Here are all the skills you’ll need for this build:

Soul Knight Prequel Attack Heretic


  • Soul Sync – 4/4
  • Amalgamate – 1/4
  • Door of Guf – 4/4
  • Mortal Pact – 4/4
  • Dominion Aura – 4/4
  • Thanatosis – 2/4


  • Fire Aura – 4/4
  • Pyroclad – 4/4
  • Basic Training – 1/4
  • Resistance Conditioning – 4/4


  • Thermal Incubation – 4/4
  • Immolation Ward – 2/4
  • Emberborn – 4/4
  • Unquanchable Ardor – 1/4


For gear, we’ll be going with the Fatebound items that give us more Mana Regen and Skill Cooldown reduction.

Set bonuses like the Mage Vestments and Concentration will help with this. While the set bonuses Field Marshal (will let you summon more of your summons and Sneks!) and Flaming Core are there to help with damage.

Here is the main gear you’ll want to get for this build:

  • Monk’s Cowl M+5
  • Bishop’s Robe M
  • Iron Staff M+5
  • Magician’s Longboots G+3
Items Equipment Heretic Soul Knight Prequel

That’s all the information on the best Heretic build for the end game in Soul Knight Prequel. Now, go out there and try the build-out!

Up next, if you’re interested in checking out all classes in Soul Knight Prequel & their best builds, make sure to check out our dedicated complete guide for those as well!


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