Soul Knight Prequel: End Game Elementalist Build Guide

Destroy everything on the screen at once!

Soul Knight Prequel End Game Elementalist Build Guide

Reaching the end of any game and seeing the awesome power and stats your characters can get is great. Seeing a build finally working and clearing out anything with ease is even better.

In Soul Knight Prequel, you can build your characters up to be powerful in the end game. The Elementalist in particular can be one of the flashiest end game classes out there.

In this guide, we’ll show you a great end-game Elementalist build guide for the game. Now, let’s see what stats we’ll need to increase and what kind of gear do we need!

End Game Elementalist Build Guide

This Elementalist build is one of the best ones for End Game Soul Knight Prequel which is much later after you complete the game.

The only downside of this build is that you won’t see the enemy before they’re defeated in seconds. Not only that but the screen will be filled with your spells effects.

For the people that love that, then this is the build for you!


For the stats, when you go leveling up, you’ll want to put most of it into INT. That’s the main stat of the Elementalist after all – so it’s best to maximize it.

Here’s the stats for this build:

  • 134 STR – We’ll want some STR on our character even though we mainly use Magical Attack. That’s because Strength also increases the Maximum HP of your character.
  • 350 DEX – This stat increases your dodge chance and crit chance as well as Physical attack, but we don’t need the last one.
  • 513 INT – This is our main stat, and it affects the Magical Attack and Max Mana of your character. Both are very important for an Elementalist for obvious reasons.
Soul Knight Prequel Stats

Skill Tree

For the Skill Tree, we have a lot of active abilities that have large AOE damage. Not only that but it also works well with single targets like bosses.

We’ll be augmenting those skills with the various passives on each tree, so we’ll have an even spread with our skill points.

Soul Knight Prequel Skills

Here are all the skills you need for this Elementalist Build:

  • Smooth Sailing – Level 4
  • Tempest Aura – Level 4
  • Shatter – Level 1
  • Resistance Conditioning – Level 2
  • Pyroclad – Level 4
  • Fire Aura – Level 4
  • Volcanic Rift – Level 4
  • Conflagration – Level 4
  • Elemental Equilibrium – Level 4
  • Dipole Discharge – Level 2
  • Elemental Polychromator – Level 4
  • Apohis Impact – Level 4
  • Stormwrought – Level 4

Apex Stats

Since we’re a Elementalist and a magic caster, we’ll be placing all of our Apex Stats on the blue magic bar. The rest can be placed anywhere else that you need.

We must have 25 points on the blue bar, so keep that in mind.

Soul Knight Prequel Apex Stats

Fatebound Items

These are the Fatebound items that we’ll need for this build. Most of these stats increase our Intelligence stat which makes us even more powerful.

Soul Knight Prequel Fatebound Items

Here are the Fatebound Items for the build:

  • Spirit of the Archwizard 3/3
  • Echocasting 3/3
  • Mage Vestments 3/3
  • Twin Novae 3/3
  • Lifesteal 2/3
  • Toxic Core 1/3
  • Spirit of the Slime 1/3
  • Critical Casting 1/3
  • Premium bundle 1/3
  • Epicenter 1/3


We have a lot of gear that we must have for the build to work properly. Try your best to grind for this gear and it’ll be worth it!

Soul Knight Prequel Gear

Here is all the gear we’ll want for the build:

  • Staff of the Archwizard G+9
  • Apprentice Robe G+9
  • Hennin of the Archwizard G+7
  • Longboots of Sorcery
  • Ring of the Archwizard G+3
  • Slimy Choker G+3


For the companion, we’ll have to get the cute dragon, just look at its goofy grin. Not only is it cute, but you’ll also want its pet skills.

It has Crafty which reduces the defense of enemies for a time as well as Greedy which increases the loot that it gets.

Soul Knight Prequel Companion

Those are all the stats, gear, and items that you’ll need for this end-game Elementalist build in Soul Knight Prequel. Now, go out there and try the build-out yourself!

Up next, if you’re interested in checking out all classes in Soul Knight Prequel & their best builds, make sure to check out our dedicated complete guide for those as well!


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