Soul Knight Prequel: Seasonal Reset & Changes for 2024 Explained

What are the upcoming changes to keep in mind for Soul Knight Prequel’s 2024 season?

The current season of Soul Knight Prequel is coming to and end, and this cute mobile RPG is about to start the year off with some new features. In this article, we’ll quickly go through the notable changes that players will have to keep in mind for the beginning of 2024.

Seasonal Reset & Changes for 2024 Explained

As of writing this, the current season will be coming to an end in a matter of days. Read on if you are wondering what this means for your existing characters.

Basically, when a new season starts, new mechanics and other bits of content exclusive to that period will be released. However, you will need to create new characters to get the full experience.

Soul Knight Prequel login screen

“Soft” Reset

It is said that all players will receive four new character slots. With that in mind, your “nonseasonal characters” (aka your current ones) and their items will not be deleted.

Instead, your seasonal characters will have their gear’s base stats halved if they wear equipment that you saved over from the previous season.

This will prevent players from freely boosting themselves early on by grinding and saving up equipment in preparation for the next season.

Non-seasonal characters will also have limited access to seasonal content, so you will definitely have to utilize the free new slots in order to enjoy all of the new stuff.

Soul Knight Prequel lancer gameplay

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Various resources and collectibles, such as Valkyrie Plumes and Card Collection, will be transformed into a permanent variant that seasonal characters will not have access to.

Having said that, the same type of resources gathered throughout the season will not be usable by non-seasonal characters. At the end of each season, these will also be added on top of your permanent stacks of resources.

Soul Knight Prequel new class

Your inventory and storage are shared between both kinds of characters, so you don’t have to worry about losing any of your hard-earned items, though you may be starving for space eventually.

Finally, it has recently been confirmed that there will be new classes coming to the game, which are the Lancer and Sword Master. There may be more coming, but these are what they have shown in the latest trailer so far.

Soul Knight Prequel gameplay

And that wraps up this summary of the changes coming with the new season, which will be starting in early 2024. Get ready to make some new characters and grind your way back up to the top!

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