Stardew Valley: How To Get Unlimited Coal | Coal Farming Guide

Don’t worry, there’s no pollution in the game!

Stardew Valley How To Get Unlimited Coal Coal Farming Guide

Stardew Valley has a lot of items that you can get, from crops to minerals and weapons. In the game you need certain metal bars to progress through the game, to do that you need to gather enough of the ore to make those metal bars. When you do try and smelt that ore you’ll face another problem, and that’s coal. Coal is needed to smelt ore into bars and in your playthrough of Stardew Valley you’ll quickly notice that getting ore is much easier than getting coal. In this guide we’ll show you a place where you can farm unlimited coal quite easily.

How To Get Unlimited Coal In Stardew Valley | Coal Farming Guide

We need coal, industrial amounts of it. Alright, not that much but you get the point, it’s easier to get ore in this game than coal and it can be annoying. There are ways to get coal, but they either require another resource like wood, or you have to buy them which can hit your wallet harder than any galaxy weapon.

That’s why you need to farm coal in the mines. You’re probably thinking that the mine’s not that great for farming coal. Those mine carts and bags filled with coal aren’t consistent and there’s no coal stone to mine. Well, when you get to a certain level in the mines it gets quite chilly, that’s where you get the coal.

Down at Floor 65 you can encounter these funny looking things.

No not bats, they’re annoying. I’m talking about that small black ball next to me. That’s a Dust Sprite and they usually come in groups. The reason why this one is alone shouldn’t be told. When you kill these Dust Sprites, they have a high chance of dropping coal!

So, you can just go to the mines, go down to floor 65 and start whacking at these things. Once you reach floor 69 then you can go back to the top of the mines and repeat the process from floor 65 again. Doing this can net you a lot of coal for a short amount of time.

To increase your yield, you can also use a Monster Musk which will increase the monsters that spawn in a floor when you enter it. A great item to have when you’re farming monsters.

Another great item to have is the Slime Charmer Ring. These parts of the mines can spawn slimes. Even though they’re not really that much of a threat at later parts of the game, they can be very annoying. You can get the Slime Charmer ring by killing 1000 slimes and getting it from the adventurer’s guild. Equipping this ring will make you immune from any damage from slimes!

It’s as simple as that, congratulations you now know where to farm coal effectively! Now go out there and try it yourself!

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