Stereotypical Obby: How To Get The Good Ending Part 1

A checklist to get this new ending.

Roblox Stereotypical Obby good ending route
Roblox Stereotypical Obby good ending route

Things have changed in Stereotypical Obby with the new Good Ending added to the game. It contains a series of secret actions, cutscenes, and routes that can lead towards the new ending. Don’t worry, we’ll show you a checklist of items to do and hopefully, you can get your good ending on first try.

Credits go to Thinknoodles on YouTube! We will attempt this guide with as little spoiler as possible, so you can fully enjoy the ride.

How To Get The Good Ending Part 1

Stereotypical Obby is a popular indie horror game made in Roblox and you know nothing is truly “good”. The newest update has added several minigames that are part of the new Good Ending. But currently, you can only Good Ending Part 1.

There are several things to note so you make sure you get the good ending. It starts from the first opening dialogue with the Helper, followed by a series of secret routes you shouldn’t miss. To summarize:

  • DO NOT click anywhere during the opening dialogue until it’s done.
  • Take the secret Stage 31 path to the left in Difficult stage.
  • Go through the Experiment 0, very FNAF style.
  • Take the secret Stage 43 path to the left in Extreme stage.
  • Go through Hallways of Obby’s house.
  • Take the secret Stage 47 path to the left in Extreme stage.
  • Go through the Stereotypical Tycoon.

NOTE: This guide continues with a detailed walkthrough down below.

Detailed Walkthrough

Right off the bat, while talking to the Helper make sure to not click anything to continue. Let the dialogue between you and him continue until a certain dialogue happen.

Then play the game like you normally would until you reach the Difficult checkpoint. Make sure not to miss this: there’s a secret pathway to your left when you reach Stage 31, hinted by the glowing effect you can barely see. Go through the door, and you’re at at the first minigame.

Stereotypical Obby: How To Get The Good Ending

The first minigame is to Ensure Compliance of the Subject which is a FNAF-style, but with only three entities. Using the three levers, make sure to raise the compliance while detering the infiltrator.

Once you finish that, continue to Stage 43 and take another secret pathway. It also has a glowing effect and is a pretty long way to go compared to other secret paths. There’s another minigame, Hallways, but this is actually more like a scripted horror sequence. So just enjoy the spooky cutscenes!

Finally, on Stage 47, yet another secret pathway will emerge to your left. It also has another glowing pathway that you can take. Finish the simple, Stereotypical Tycoon here before another cutscene takes place.

Once you’re done with all of the minigames, you’ll be back to the Obby. At this point, you should already have all the badges including the Good Ending Part 1.

But you have to make sure to finish the normal Obby stages. Do not turn back. Keep going and you’ll be thrown back into the normal environment, Stage 50. Keep walking forward and there you go. That’sthe Good Ending part 1 of Stereotypical Obby.

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