Super People: BOOST FPS and Increase Performance On PC

Make your gameplay a super experience by following these tips!

Can the newly arrived Super People Battle Royale game rival Fortnite or PUBG?. We still have the game in early access but we can already notice some problems and frame drops from several playthroughs.

BOOST FPS and Increase Performance On PC – Super People

The first thing you can do is turn on Game Mode, it would also be good to turn off the Xbox Game Bar as it can affect performance. 

It would also be nice to turn off the audio or video recordings in the background as they can use a lot of resources.

 Also, check if you have the latest drivers installed on your graphics card, CPU, operating system, and the game you are playing.

Things you can change in the graphic settings to improve the game performance are:

  • Set the Display mode on Full Screen, 
  • You should also limit the Maximum Frame Rate to 60 FPS.
  • Of course, you should disable the V-sync and smooth frame rate option
  • Then, enable NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency.
  • Set the FPP Mode FOV between 80 and 90
  • Overall Graphics Quality should be very low
  • Set the textures on medium or high because they will not affect the performance that much
  • Set the shadows on very low as they can affect the FPS
  • The View Distance can also affect the FPS but you should be able to see in the game so set this to medium
  • Next foliage, effects, post-processing, and shader should be set on low or very low.
  • Then set the Anti-aliasing on medium setting
  • Lastly you should disable Depth of Field and, 
  • Set Nvidia DLSS on Balanced

And there you have it, if you do these things, you can expect better game performance and higher FPS.

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