Sword Burst 3: Complete Dual Wielding Guide

Wanna be a Dual Wielding Main? Let’s get cracking!

Dual Wielding in Sword Burst 3
Looking good!

There’s no denying that Sword Burst 3 is one of the most feature-complete games out in Roblox right now. It’s clear that the devs worked passionately on this project, which is why everything seems so polished. If you’re looking for a game to really sink your teeth into, this would be it. In fact, I’ve got a surprise for you: a Complete Dual Wielding Guide from yours truly!

Complete Dual Wielding Guide

Do you want to be a Dual Wielding Main in Sword Burst 3? Good! You’ll have plenty of equipment to work with, though first you’ll have to purchase the necessary Dual Wielding Pass to do so. Keep in mind that it costs 800 Robux, which many would consider to be rather steep.

Buying Dual Wielding in Sword Burst 3.
Spend responsibly.

That said, if you’re committed to the game and you want to give yourself a little gift, there’s nothing wrong with spending on Robux now and again. Of course, just make sure to do so responsibly, okay? Spending on Robux is all well and good, but reckless spending doesn’t help anyone.

What’s the Level Requirement to use Dual Wielding?

As it’s something that you purchase using Robux (as well as the nature of the style in general), it’s not something that has a level requirement. The thing is, you’ll get to use Katanas and Longswords with the Dual Wielding Pass.

Since you get to use these swords as soon as possible, there’s no need to worry about the level requirement. Keep in mind that since you can use both Katanas and Longswords as a Dual Wield main, many of the weapons you encounter in the wild is available for your choosing. It’s not like the Scythe where there are two weapons out in the wild. We’ve got a Complete Scythe Guide out, by the way!

Sword Burst 3 is all about Katanas and Longswords, so you get the best of both worlds. As soon as you enter Floor 3, you’ll have access to many different Katanas and Longswords through the shop, so take the time to figure out which one you want.

What about the skills I can use with Dual Wielding?

Now we can get to the meat and potatoes, which are the skills. The neat thing about Dual Wielding is it gives you access to many skills as early as possible.

Tornado Rush in Sword Burst 3
Yeaaah don’t use this one.

Level 1

  • HP Regen – This one is pretty straightforward, as it’s a skill that helps you regenerate HP, which is what you need to use your skills. As far as Priority Skills go, this is a must-have for survival’s sake.
  • Whirlwind – A decently strong skill that costs 35 SP, you spin in a circle and you deal 3 hits at 160% damage each. It can be a good part of your combo if you like Whirlwind, but it can be replaced by other skills.
  • Dual Energy Cleave – This is pretty much an energy wave skill, where you toss 2 energy waves that deal 280% damage to each target hit. It’s a surprisingly powerful skill with a 30 SP cost.
  • Venom Strike – A great name for a fantastic skill, the Venom Strike has a 25 SP cost, and a whopping 400% damage to the poor victim. Sure, it’s single target, but just wow. This is an awesome skill.

Level 5

  • Sprint/Dash – This is yet another straightforward skill, as it allows you to move quicker. It’s a pretty obvious skill so I won’t go into too much detail.
  • Dual Flurry – This should definitely be a part of your Priority Skills list. The Flurry is a skill where you perform 10 (!) rapid slashes in a row, dealing 170% damage each shot. The SP cost is 45, which can be steep.

Level 15

  • Tornado Rush – Your character will rush forward while spinning, dealing 50% damage each hit. While it’s a skill that looks cool, it’s something you probably shouldn’t use. The SP cost is 50, which means you’ll be starved for SP when you use this.

SIDE NOTE: We also have a guide about Katanas in Sword Burst 3 – Make sure to check it out as well!

My 100% patented Skill Combo

As far as my personal Priority Skill list is concerned, all you have to do is follow this easy flow chart:

(From Range) Dual Energy Cleave > Venom Strike > Regular Attacks > REPEAT

Using Skills in Sword Burst 3
This one isn’t gonna make it.

The crazy thing about this is that it’s only a 55 SP cost combo. Yet, the opponent is probably already dead after a single rotation. You pretty much don’t have to do anything else. Considering it’s a style that you purchase with Robux, it’s a pretty overpowered setup that you only need two skills at early level to start kicking butt.

Is there anything else I need to know about the Dual Wielding Stance in Sword Burst 3?

Yes, actually. There are quite a few things we can still talk about, especially when it comes to how you handle weapon bonuses. Of course, when you go for Weapon Enchantments, you’ll find that you can improve your stats by upgrading weapons a certain way.

However, it’s important to note that with Dual Wielding, these bonuses do not stack. What this means is if you have 40% SP Regen in both the left and right weapons, you’ll get only 40% SP Regen overall.

Also, keep in mind that it only takes the upgrades of the right weapon in mind. If you have Crit Damage in your right weapon and SP Regen in your left, you won’t get SP Regen bonuses. For more details, you can check our complete beginner’s guide for Sword Burst 3!

SP Regen Equips in Sword Burst 3
The SP Regen should be higher since it’s Dual Wield, but that’s not how it works.

Why did they do this to Dual Wielding?

I believe the simplest explanation is that Dual Wielding is already supremely powerful. The reason why they don’t let you stack bonuses is because with this stance, you’re capable of ripping apart the game without it.

Imagine all the carnage if they decided to let you have the stats of both weapons. As wonderfully brutal as that might be, Sword Burst 3 still wants a balanced experience at the end of the day.

That’s it! Hopefully you learned a thing or two about Dual Wielding. Remember, you’ll need Robux to buy it!

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