Tales of Tanorio: Upcoming Update Info

A new Tales of Tonario update already!? Woohoo!

Tales of Tanorio: Upcoming Update Info

Tales of Tanorio is a famous game on Roblox that is known to have gameplay that is similar to that of Pokémon. Players have the option to roam around the vast world of Tales of Tanorio, go through the story and capture Tanorions. Tales of Tanorio is also known to push the boundaries of what Roblox platform is capable of. They have already scheduled a new update, check this post for more information.

All The Info About The Upcoming Update

Tales of Tanorio players were surprised to hear that the game is receiving a new update. It was not long ago that the game was released, so its pleasantly surprising to get an update with new stuff so soon. If you love playing Tales of Tanorio (who are we kidding, of course your love it), then you are definitely going to enjoy this new update.

Shiny Weekend

The developers have planned a Shiny Weekend that will take place on 16th March, 2024 and last till 17th March, 2024. The developers actually planned this as a testing process for the upcoming update. By participating in the Shiny Weekend, players will generate gameplay data which the developers will be able to use to better optimize the game for everyone.

But the developers are the not only ones getting something out of this, players will get an increased chance of 1.5x of getting Shiny during the Shiny Weekend. So we suggest making the most of this event before it’s time runs out.

New Shiny Animation

New animation for shiny - Tales of Tanorio: Upcoming Update Info

The developers have also added a brand new animation when you get a Shiny. This new animation will be helpful in letting the players know more quickly if they got a Shiny or not.

Asking For Suggestions

Utopia asking for suggestions - Tales of Tanorio: Upcoming Update Info

Utopia also asked the players of Tales of Tanorio for suggestions for the upcoming update. This is a very good move as it lets the player base get exactly what they want the most in the game. We may get some cool unique stuff added to the game because of this.

Experimental Changes (New Servers)

Following experimental changes were made in the game:

  • Chains will not reset unless you are chaining the Shiny of the species.
  • Chains are now directly affected by the Species Bonus Modifier. (e.g. Flowither has more per chain worth than Calypillar).
  • You now get Tamer Exp for every 20 chains which is also affected by the Species Bonus Modifier.
  • Catching a Tanorion will no longer reset the chain (which previously required a chain of 50 to not reset it).

Trading Or PvP?

PVP or TRADING first - Tales of Tanorio: Upcoming Update Info

The developers also conducted a poll to see if the players want Trading or PvP added first to the game.

Trading: Players will be able to trade Tanorions with each other.

PvP: Players can engage in duels with each other.

Majority of the players voted on adding Trading first in the game. We agree, trading Tanorions with each other will be a lot of fun. Don’t get us wrong, PvP is also pretty exciting but to add that, the developers will require more time. So in our opinion, it is better to focus on Trading in this update.

That completes this post on the Upcoming Update of Tales of Tanorio. Currently this is all the info that is available right now. If you enjoyed reading this post, then check this detailed guide on How To EV Train & Best EXP Trainer in Tales of Tanorio.


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