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In Tears of the Kingdom, the Gerudo Desert is an inhospitable and hazardous location. The sand is always moving, the heat is punishing, and the desert is home to dangerous creatures. But the desert provides many treasures for those who are bold enough to venture in. One such treasure can be obtained from Bubbul Frogs, creatures that resemble frogs that are located in caves all around Hyrule. Follow this guide to know its location in Gerudo Sanctuary.

Bubbul Frog Location in Gerudo Sanctuary

The entrance to the location of this Bubbul Frog can be very hard to find. You need to go to North Gerudo Ruin at the coordinates (-3762, -2693, 0035) as seen in the map below.

Gerudo Sanctuary in Tears of The Kingdom

Drop down this small hole in the middle of four pillars, to enter Gerudo Sanctuary.

North Gerudo Ruins in Tears of The Kingdom

It’s a long drop down, however you don’t have to worry because you’ll fall into water. Swim to land not far from where you fell, and you’ll notice a rock blockade.

Swimming in Tears of The Kingdom

You can destroy this rock formation by using an arrow attached with a bomb flower.

Rocks in Tears of The Kingdom

Once destroyed, you can just walk through a hallway. This hallway are filled with few enemies, you can choose to defeat them or just run past through them. The Bubbul Frog can be found in a small room on the end of it.

Hallway in Tears of The Kingdom

Bubbul Frog in Tears of The Kingdom

Attack the frog to obtain the Bubbul Gem.

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