Terraformers: What Does Radiation Do?

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Terraformers is one of the new 4X games that’s been circulating around people’s computers, well 4X is a stretch for this title since you don’t really discover neighboring foes to conquer within your own solar system. That approach is for people who prefer Stellaris or Alpha Centauri, it’s still a strategy game, however.

You’re still in the mid-21st century in this setting so the questions and problems you’ll encounter here as just as familiar as the ones happening right outside of your doorstep, like how to deal with radiation or what does it do. Some problems never really go away even in the far future, but they sure will with the solutions provided in this guide!

What Does Radiation Do? – Terraformers

Since we’re dealing with a grand strategy game, you’ll be dealing with a lot of mechanics as you progress through your terraforming ventures.

One of those mechanics will be the Comfort of Living, this basically ties into your population’s satisfaction regarding the actions that you take and the settlements that you plop down on the surface of Mars.

If your people have the comfort of living then they’ll give you more support for the project itself, which will secure your victory.

Now what radiation does is lower your population’s comfort of living, even in the nearby future you never really escape blowouts, funny how that works. At least here it only sounds like a mild inconvenience.

Avoiding the hazards of the wonderful glow can be avoided by building more Marsha’s, they’re essentially housing unit that gives you a +1 population at the cost of 30 food and 5 titanium.

The difference is this structure fully protects your population from radiation so you don’t have to worry about your face melting off after two to three weeks.

Another solution is to go outside and explore the planet as much as you can before ending your turn. With a bit of luck you just might be able to find a settlement inside of a crater, building inside of a crater will net you +2 radiation protection. This goes the same for Lava Tubes as well.

If you still want to increase your comfort of living regardless of the people around you growing extra limbs, then a last-ditch effort would be to build Courthouses.

This only increases your comfort of living and provides no protection from the rads you’ll be getting so think twice before actually plopping one of these down!

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