Thanos Simulator: How To Farm Fragments Fast With Any Weapon

An easy way to get these fragments if you are a new player!

Thanos Simulator: How To Farm Fragments Fast With Any Weapon

In Thanos Simulator, you’ll be able to collect amazing weapons to make you stronger. As you play, you’ll need to find fragments that you can use to create new weapons in the game. With stronger weapons, you can eventually take on new challenges which will then allow you to obtain more weapons and add them to your collection.

However, some of the newer players may struggle with obtaining new weapons since they are still quite weak. In this guide, we’ll show you a new player friendly way to farm these fragments without the help of any strong weapons. Instead, you can use any weapons that you currently have.

How To Farm Fragments Fast With Any Weapon

Fragments aren’t an easy item to get. You will have to defeat Templars. To kill these Templars, you will need to align the planet with 750 Kills. These enemies also do high damage and are pretty fast in terms of speed. Another way you can get these fragments is by killing NPCs but only at a rare chance. There are Crate head NPCs that will also give you fragments and kills.

In guide, we’ll show you a new player friendly way with the time stop ability for you to easily defeat the Templar NPCs. First, you will need to get to the planet area. In order to get there, take your gauntlet and you will see a huge planet in the area.

Thanos Simulator: How To Farm Fragments Fast With Any Weapon

Then, climb up the stairs that will eventually lead you up to the planet. Next, stand on top of the platform to activate it and the Templars will spawn to attack you. You will need to defeat some of them to obtain the Fragments.

Thanos Simulator Platform

After the Templars spawn, you will want to use your time stop ability and defeat these Templars as soon as possible. Then, use all your damaging skills, abilities or weapons and you’ll be able to defeat these enemies really easily since they are frozen in place.

Thanos Simulator Templars

After your time stop ability ends, these Templar will start running at you. If you are a new player then they are very likely to defeat you. However, do not worry since you can always come back and repeat the steps. After a short while, you should be able to get these items easily.

Weapons You Can Use

Another way for you to obtain these fragments is to defeat normal NPCs with a lower chance of obtaining fragments. However, you will be able to defeat these enemies quite easily and won’t have to go all the way back and forth to defeat the Templars.

Infinity Gauntlet

Your main strategy is quite still the same for this, which means that you want to use your Time Stop ability then use Snap. This will allow you to defeat your enemies really easily since they are frozen in place and you have a huge explosion to clear the field.

The Secret

The Secret is a strong weapon that you can use to defeat these normal NPCs in just one slice. Keep it in mind that you can also utilize the time stop ability to freeze your enemies. This will make it easier for you to defeat these NPCs.

Stormbreaker and Mjolnir

Stormbreaker and Mjolnir is also another option you can go for. This weapon allows you to deal damage in huge AOEs that lets you defeat multiple enemies at the same time. You will want to lure your enemies into one area and then use your explosives to clear all of them.

Casket of Ancient Winters

There are two ways you can use this weapon, the normal M1 and your E ability. The M1 Ability is great for times where you need to defeat one enemy at a time. The E Ability – Blizzard, is great for you to defeat multiple enemies since the ability is an AoE. Overall, this weapon is really good for you to fight enemies and once you’ve got this weapon, you can farm fragments using any method.

Cosmi-Rod + Casket of Ancient Winters

The Cosmi-Rod and Casket are a great weapon combination you can use. The Cosmi-Rod is a weapon that does lots of damage while the Casket will allow you to slow down and stun your enemies. Moreover, you can also go for the Time Stop Ability from your Infinity Gauntlet, which will help you defeat these enemies more easily.

That’s how you can farm the fragments in Thanos Simulator. Some weapons give you great utility or damage, and you can always use many weapons at the same time. Keep farming and try out all the combinations and you’ll find a way of farming fragments that you like the most!

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