The House TD: Best Winter Towers Tier List

Tis the season to decide which tower sucks.

The House TD is a tower defense type Roblox game that is currently on season 1. Right now, they are also having a special Christmas event where you can participate in special missions with special towers.

However, not all of these towers are going to be the best. Sometimes, they aren’t just as good as they say they are, and a lot of people have to spend time finding out which tower is good and which tower is bad.

In this tier list, I am going to show you which Winter towers in the game are worth using and which ones should be avoided.

Best Winter Towers Tier List

Before I start, I would just like to begin by saying that this is 100% opinionated. Not everyone is going to agree with this tier list, and that’s okay.

You are free to form your own opinion on which towers are better and which ones are not, as this is an opinionated tier list based off of experiences from the community.

But without further ado, here is the tier list for the Winter towers in the game.

NOTE: The tier list continues with a detailed discussion (why they’re placed in their tier/s, etc.) below.

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S Tier

  • Freeze – Freeze is the best of the best among the Winter towers, and among the towers in general, because it can do one thing that no other tower in the game can do: stun enemies. With Freeze’s attack, you can “freeze” an enemy (basically stunning them) for a few seconds and let your other towers finish off the enemy quick.
  • Ice Queen – Ice Queen is a great tower to have as it has the best attack speed. Not only that, but her attacks can cause Slowness while also having great range. So essentially, she can slow down enemies from afar at fast rate compared to other towers.

A Tier

  • Krampus –Krampus is a good tower that deals a good amount of damage with good speed, as well as having enough range to hit enemies that are pretty far. He’s especially good when paired with Freeze, as Freeze will be able to stun enemies in place while Krampus can smash them into tiny little pieces with his attacks.
  • Bad Santa – Bad Santa can be good for some and bad for others. He has a good attack damage, but has small range and slow attack speed. He’s especially good if you have Krampus, as Bad Santa can deal with the enemies that make it past Krampus and dispose of them before they get any further.
  • Ice King – Ice King is a really good character to have. If you are planning on using a Winter team, then have Ice King in it so you can get a 20% boost to all Winter towers. He also has a great attack damage, attack speed, and attack range. However, he is a premium tower that costs a lot, and one can debate if it’s really worth spending that much in order to get a character like this.

B Tier

  • Ice Fiend – Ice Fiend is a good tower that can do AoE attacks. However, his attack damage isn’t all that great, and his attack speed is okay at best. However, what makes him good is that when you have Ice Fiend on the field, he will be able to boost other Fiends up to 20% in damage, making Ice Fiend a good support tower.
  • Frostbite – Frostbite is a good tower that, similar to Bad Santa, has small range and slow attack speed. His attack damage, however, isn’t as good as Bad Santa’s. However, what makes him really good and high up the list is the fact that he can cause Slowness on enemies that he attacks, which helps in giving you some breathing room and time to plan your next move.

C Tier

  • Frosty – Frosty has low attack but really good attack speed. He has a 20% damage increase against Elves, which is great if you are playing in stages that have Elves for enemies. But other than that, Frosty isn’t of much use besides being a starting tower to use before focusing on the other towers that are much better. However, if you get a shiny Frosty, it is definitely a better tower, maybe even B tier. But for base Frosty, it remains in this tier.

D Tier

  • Mammotusk – Quite possibly the worst tower available among the Winter towers. It has the weakest damage, weakest range, and its attack speed is so abysmal, you can finish drinking a 2 liter bottle of soda in one go before Mammotusk swings. Of course, I’m exaggerating the attack speed, but when you have other towers like Frosty still have good attack speed, despite not having good attack, it’s just weird to have a tower that takes so long to attack.

That’s all you need to know on which Winter towers are the best in this tier list for The House TD. Did this tier list help you understand which towers are usable and which are not? Let us know in the comments below.

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