The House TD: Which Endless To Pick?

What items do you need? Which heroes do you want? Answer those for yourselves!

The House TD: Which Endless To Pick?

The House TD, there are many different modes you can play, from casual modes to endless modes with higher difficulties. With 3 endless modes currently available in the game, you’re probably wondering which one is the best for you to play in.

Which Endless To Pick?

In the image down below, you will see three endless maps and their panel of rewards listed.

  • Bee-Ware: If you are a beginner or a solo player, it is best for you to play in Bee-Ware. There are many combinations of heroes you can use. Keep in mind that the mode isn’t going to give you a lot of money. On reaching Wave 100, you’ll receive the Bomb Bear Tower!
  • The Maze: At Wave 100, you’ll unlock Skull Shot. Skull Shot can deal piercing damage, allowing you to damage multiple enemies. The rewards for this are relatively the same compared to Bee-Ware, the only difference is what you earn when you win.
  • Scrapyard: At Wave 150, you’ll get Nitro. Nitro is a hero with decent range as well as AoE damage you can use for all your matches.
The House TD Endless Modes

If you want to farm Skull Curses, go for Bee-Ware and The Maze since these two maps will give you those at wave 70+ and wave 125+.

It is still recommended for you to do The Maze since it only takes you around 55 minutes to get to wave 150+. Bee-Ware will take you significantly more time.

The number of Skull Curses you can get can also double with your five-game win streak. This means that in 55 minutes, you can get 40 Skull Curses.

Depending on which hero you’re farming for (Boom Bear, Skull Shot, or Nitro), you’ll want to play the mode that gives it.

Keep in mind that Premium earns won’t double regardless of what win streak you’re on.

The House TD: Which Endless To Pick?

That’s some of the information you’ll want to know about the three Endless Modes in the game. Depending on what you want to farm, you’ll want to go for the endless mode that gives that item or hero the most. Make that decision and farm for what you need!

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