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Roblox’s Egg-citing Event: Unlock Free Exclusive Rewards

The Hunt 2024 All Roblox Games Confirmed List – First Edition

Roblox, as one of the leading gaming platforms today, has teamed up with its creators worldwide to bring excitement for this year’s Easter Egg Hunt. Roblox offers thousands of free-to-play games which makes them garner a massive and dedicated user base, particularly among children and teenagers, who can immerse themselves in diverse game experiences.  

Do you want to know which games would be participating in Roblox´s The Hunt: First Edition? This article will answer all your curiosities and give you an idea of which games you’re about to play this upcoming Easter to win some awesome and amazing rewards for free! 

List of Participating Games in Roblox´s The Hunt: First Edition 

According to Roblox corporation, there are over 80 community-created experiences that have already confirmed their participation in this platform-wide event. One of the goals of this event is to unite Roblox’s 71.5 million daily active users with the mission of traveling throughout Roblox time and space. 

All Confirmed Roblox games for The Hunt: First Edition

The following are the games who have already been confirmed their participation. Check out to see if your favorite games are joining in! 

And there you have it, the current list of confirmed games. Yet, more may join before The Hunt begins. If so, we’ll update the list accordingly.

PLS DONATE joins Roblox´s The Hunt: First Edition
PLS DONATE joins The Hunt: First Edition

Credit goes to the RBXEventHunters X account for compiling a list of confirmed experiences for The Hunt: First Edition. They’ve also included several leaked games that might make an appearance in the event, listed below: 

Leaked Roblox games for The Hunt: First Edition 

Maple Hospital joins Roblox´s The Hunt: First Edition
Maple Hospital joins The Hunt: First Edition!

Gear up for some Easter Challenges! 

Get ready to dive into the egg-citement of this upcoming Easter! Your favorite games are gearing up to drop thrilling updates and rewards, and you won’t want to miss out. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the challenges awaiting you. 

Royale High, created by callmehbob, invites its users to assist the lost baby chick eggs in safely finding their way back home to their nest. But better watch out for the trickster Pixies! 

ROYALE HIGH joins Roblox´s The Hunt: First Edition

Berry Avenue, created by Amberry Games, will let its users meet an NPC and learn a new cooking recipe (which can be now found in the Smoothie Store but not yet clickable). In order to make the recipe, the NPC will make the players gather supplies from the different areas of Berry Avenue map. Completing the recipe earns them a badge. 

Berry Avenue joins Roblox´s The Hunt: First Edition. UPCOMING New recipe badge!

Catalog Avatar Creator, created by ItsMuneeeb, let its players pick a tribe between Korblox, Frostguard, Overseer, or Redcliff and compete in rounds of ‘Capture the Flag’ or ‘Team Deathmatch.’ The winning team of each round earns a badge. 

Catalog Avatar Creator joins Roblox´s The Hunt: First Edition. UPCOMING New match.

Feeling the Easter excitement yet? For more egg-citement glimpse of Easter challenges, why don’t you try checking out our article about the Final Leaks and Badges on Roblox`s The Hunt: First Edition.

Everything you need to know for Roblox´s The Hunt: First Edition Event 

All year round for every occasion, hosting interesting events has been a huge tradition here in Roblox. And one of the events that many players look forward to during Easter are Egg Hunts (formerly known as Egg Drops and Eggstravaganza), where players are required to locate eggs in multiple games. However, in this year´s Easter event instead of just collaborations, Roblox is launching a new event called The Hunt Event First Edition where players can earn lots of free rewards.  

Let’s jump right in and talk about everything we know about Roblox´s The Hunt: First Edition Event

What is Roblox´s The Hunt First Edition Event? 

As the springtime rolls around, Easter isn’t just about egg hunts and sweets. It’s time to consider how everything fits together, like pieces of a big puzzle. Think of Easter as a journey through time and space, where moments from the past, present, and future come together. And this is what Roblox´s The Hunt: First Edition is all about. 

Roblox´s The Hunt First Edition Event

In this event players will get to explore the Infinite Vault and complete different challenging quests by diving into different portals.  

Infinite Vault in Roblox´s The Hunt First Edition Event

Players can earn badges and collect futuristic treasures through Roblox space and time. 

Earn badges from different challenges in Roblox´s The Hunt First Edition Event and unlock exclusive and rare rewards!

But remember it’s not just earning a badge, instead your journey is just starting here since these badges are the key to unlocking rare and exclusive items from the Vault. Isn´t that egg-citing? Are you ready to get them all before the Vault´s door seals shut for eternity? 

The glimpse of new character in Roblox´s The Hunt First Edition Event.

When does The Hunt First Edition Start? 

Roblox’s The Hunt: First Edition begins on March 15, 2024, at 10 am ET and continues until March 29, 2024, at 5 pm ET. The event lasts for two weeks, giving you lots of time to collect all the badges. It’s open to players on Roblox mobile, PC, console, and VR. 

The Hunt Event has begun!

How to participate in the Roblox Hunt Event? 

Head to The Hunt: First Edition where you can explore various portals, complete quests, and earn badges. Remember, the more badges you collect, the more prizes you can unlock from the Vault. 

How to claim the free rewards in the Hunt Event? 

You heard it right! Get a chance to win a new avatar by completing all the quests. As this event offers rare and exclusive rewards including avatar clothing/accessories and characters for free simply by completing enough quests to earn badges. Once you have completed every quest, you can receive your items automatically, as each item requires earning a predetermined number of badges to redeem. 

Here is a glimpse of the rare and exclusive rewards that await you! 

That covers everything you need to know about Roblox’s The Hunt: First Edition Event. Stay tuned for more updates; we’ll keep you informed with the latest news! 

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