The Outlast Trials: Complete Beginner’s Guide

Prepare to be chased all the time!

Our favorite horror game series is back with a multiplayer option this time! If you want to team up with your friends and complete some trials where you need to deal with crazy enemies, The Outlast Trials is just for you.

However, we get that it might be a little confusing to figure out everything by yourself as a beginner. That is why, in this The Outlast Trials Complete Beginner’s Guide, we are going to explain everything you need to know to become a professional player in no time!

Take a look at the table of contents below if you are looking for a specific part of the guide.

Complete Beginner’s Guide

There are so many things you need to learn as a beginner in The Outlast Trials. We will do our best to cover everything and get you ready for the trials.

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Vouchers and Murkoff Dollars

There are two types of currency you are going to collect in the game. One is Voucher and the other is Murkoff Dollar. Both of them are unlocked as you play trials and level up in the game.

At the time being, dollars do not have much effect on the game other than purchasing outfits and decorative items for your room.

Vouchers are used to purchase rigs and amps in the game, which are the most essential things for an easier, more successful evaluation. Each time you level up, you are going to gain one voucher in return.

Still, it is important to note that the Outlast Trial is still in the early access. Therefore, these might change and you might need to use your Murkoff Dollars for different purposes in the future.

The Outlast Trials Currency


After you complete your first trial in the game, you will have the chance to choose some prescriptions for yourself. Each prescription you will get from the nurse in the game will help you during your trial.

In the first tier of prescriptions, you are going to have 7 choices in total. Once you purchase each one of them, you will have the chance to proceed to the next tier.

As a result, you will eventually need to buy them all. However, attempt to determine which ones are most crucial to you and order your purchases mindfully.

For example, if you are playing the game solo, you do not need to rush for the Hard Kick and Stay of Execution prescriptions. These two are only important when playing the game with a team.

However, if you are playing with a team, you might want to get them as soon as you can. Saving your friends from enemies will give you bonus points at the end of the trial, and these prescriptions will save you from getting exhausted while trying to do so.

The Outlast Trials Complete Beginner’s Guide

Now, as we mentioned before, there are 7 prescriptions you can get in Tier 1. Let’s see what they are and what their use is.

  • Instant Use: Lets you use an item right away instead of taking it to your inventory. It might be beneficial when you do not have any slots left to carry another item but need to use something like a pill or an antidote.
  • Slide: Pressing crouch while running will make you slide on the ground. It is great when you need to run away from an enemy and want to get inside a small hiding spot.
  • Regeneration: Your health will regenerate over time, even if you do not use a healing potion or a healing rig. It is one of the best prescriptions in the game, and as a beginner, it should be one of your first purchases.
  • Self-Defense Technique: If a Pouncer grasps you, this prescription will let you use a bottle or a brick from your inventory to get rid of it. Still, you will need to have these items in your inventory for it to be successful.
  • Hard Kick: Saving your friends by kicking the enemy that is attacking them will no longer exhaust you.
  • Stay of Execution: Saving your friends from execution will no longer exhaust you.
  • Run and Smash Doors: You can instantly open the doors in front of you while running. However, it does not work on locked doors.

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The Outlast Trials Complete Beginner’s Guide


After prescriptions, you will also unlock the Rigs, and they will help you a lot on the trials as well. There are four rigs in total that you can purchase, and each one has its own benefits. You will also have the chance to upgrade them as you level up and make them even stronger.

  • Stun: Enables you to throw a device that emits an electrical shock and confuses enemies for a second. It will stun them and make them change their ways. Great for escaping from risky situations.
  • Blind: The Blind rig is similar to the Stun rig, but you will need to be more careful while using this one. Once you use it, you are going to throw a landmine that blinds the enemies. It will only be active for a little while, but you are going to have enough time to run away from them. However, you will need to throw the landmine in the right direction. It will only be successful if the enemy activates it by stepping on it.
  • Heal: With the use of the Healing Rig, you can employ an aerosol gas that instantly restores your health. It will also heal nearby allies, and you can upgrade it to heal the psychosis as well.
  • X-Ray: The X-Ray Rig will give you the ability to see through the walls. This might be extremely useful when you do not have any batteries left, and cannot see in the dark. However, since it only lets you see the location of the enemies, it is not actually as useful as other rigs by means of escaping from enemies or surviving the trial. Still, it might be useful when you are playing high levels where the supplies on the map are scarce.
The Outlast Trials Rigs

After or before purchasing a Rig, you can also take a look at the stations next to the Engineer and watch the tutorials of each rig to have an idea about what to expect.

Rig Tutorial Station


The Amps are the perks you will purchase from a vendor in the upstairs canteen. Amps will be unlocked as you level up. The first one you are going to get will be unlocked at level 10.

Although you will need to spend a lot of time in the trials and level up to unlock different Amps, they will be extremely useful for you once you unlock them. Especially if you are going to play the 4th level of the trials, or Program X.

  • Slippers: The first amp you are going to unlock at level 10. It will enable you to step on the glasses on the road without making noise. However, it is important to keep in mind that it is not always going to be successful.
  • Hide and Breathe: Unlocked at level 12. It makes your stamina recharge faster when you are in a hiding spot.
  • Cacophony: Unlocked at level 14. When this amp is equipped, you are going to make more noise when you throw bottles or bricks to distract enemies. Therefore, they will draw the enemies at longer distances as well.
  • Double Doses: Unlocked at level 16. It gives you two resurrection syringe uses before it runs out. It might be extremely useful when you are in a difficult program and your teammates keep dying.
  • Hide and Heal: Unlocked at level 18. Similar to Hide and Breathe, your health regeneration will begin right away when you are in a hiding spot.
  • Strong Arm: Unlocked at level 20. When thrown at an enemy, bricks and bottles will stun them more.
  • Noise Reduction: Unlocked at level 22. Minimizes noise made when opening doors or running.
  • Quick Escape: Unlocked at level 24. Your stamina and speed will increase once you are struck by an enemy, enabling you to get away more quickly.
  • Antitoxin: Unlocked at level 26. Full psychosis lasts half as long. And partial psychosis is healed with time.
The Outlast Trials Complete Beginner’s Guide


In the game, there are five programs in total. These are:

  1. Program 1: Police Station
  2. Program 2: Fun Park
  3. Program 3: Orphanage
  4. Program X.
  5. Program Omega.

There are five missions on each map. A primary mission, two smaller challenge tasks, and two “final tests” that serve as significantly more difficult versions of the main objective.

To unlock Program X, you need to complete each program. Once you do this, you will be able to play it. But you should be aware that this will be a lot more difficult than any other trial.

The Program Omega is also the same, but it requires you to play with a teammate. During the trials, you need to stay close to your teammate. You begin to gain damage if you go too far away from them.

The Outlast Trials Programs


On each trial, you are going to face different enemies. Unfortunately, not all of them have the same characteristics. Therefore, knowing them might help you get away from them easier.

  • Leland Coyle: He is a former Police Officer who patrols the Police Station Map. He pulls out a shock baton and uses it on himself and the Reagents. He is not the most difficult enemy you are going to encounter on your journey, but he will guard the key objectives and make it harder for you to reach them. It is challenging to flee from him because his stun baton has good range while attacking.
  • Mother Gooseberry: Is the second main Ex-pop in the game. She carries a duck puppet with a large drill in its mouth namedDaddy“. She tends to talk a lot, so it is easy to notice her presence. However, she deals good damage if she catches you. You can throw bricks or bottles at her, run away, and hide in the dark to get rid of her.
  • Large Grunts: Enemies that you are going to see on every map in the game. They deal a great deal of damage when attacking the players, but they are not very fast when chasing them. You can get away from them by sprinting, but you should avoid being caught at all costs. There are two types of Large Grunts. One of them is completely blind, meaning that they will not see you in the light as well.
  • Grunt: Another common enemy that you will see on every map. It is pretty easy to hide from them by staying in the dark and being quiet.
  • Night Vision Grunt: As the name suggests, this is a form of grunt who has a night vision. Therefore, hiding in the dark won’t save you from them. Still, it is easy to get rid of them by going to lighter areas. Their night vision stops them from seeing in the light.
  • Pusher: The Pusher comes from the steel doors during the trials. They do not give you damage, but they gas you and make you lose your sanity.
  • Imposter: Imposters are mimics that resemble members of your party and spawn at random. They are going to come and stab you once they notice you. The damage is fairly low, but sometimes they can reveal your hiding spot to other enemies because of this. You can avoid them by throwing a brick or bottle at them.
  • Skinner Man: The Skinner Man is the enemy you are going to see when you enter full psychosis. It is impossible to hide from him; you either need to keep running away until the psychosis ends or use an antidote.
  • Screamer: Probably the most annoying enemy in the game. He stands in the corners and gets alerted when you are trying to walk past him. Starts screaming, and you cannot move until he stops. His scream also alerts the nearby enemies and makes you stuck while they come and start hitting you. You can try to be sneaky and crouch around him, but getting too close will make him start screaming regardless. So you should be very careful with this one.
Mother Gooseberry

Release Tokens

As a beginner in the game, you will need to complete a lot of things before thinking about the release tokens. However, it is always good to know what to expect from a game. As we mentioned before, once you complete every trial on Programs 1 & 2 & 3, you are going to unlock Program X.

After that, you need to complete the missions on that as well. Doing that will get you release tokens, and when you get 10 of them, you will unlock the final mission of the game.

Unfortunately, you cannot play the final mission with a friend. So, you will need to do everything by yourself, and the game does not tell you exactly what you need to do to beat it.

The Outlast Trials Complete Beginner’s Guide

While Outlast Trials might seem repetitive at first, there is a lot to discover and progress in the game. Knowing the right things and how to spend your Vouchers is essential as a beginner in the game. Hopefully, this Complete Beginner’s Guide in The Outlast Trials will help you learn everything you need to know. Feel free to leave a comment below if you still have any questions!

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