The Spark of Imagination Quest Guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

What an adorable little guy!

The Spark of Imagination Quest Guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Spark of Imagination is part of a quest series in Disney Dreamlight Valley, involving the entrance of our beloved character, Oswald. There are puzzles to be solved and questions to be answered. And we’re here to guide you all the way to the end!

The Spark of Imagination Quest Guide

After opening the trap door with your fellow Disney friends, you fall into this cave. He can’t really run anyways because Oswald’s character comes with jingle tones that’ll always let you know where he is.A short cutscene tease Oswald’s appearance around the corner and you follow him deeper.

Talk to Oswald, or well, at least you try to, and he’ll introduce him in a slightly peculiar way. This will start the Spark of Imagination quest with Oswald. Don’t forget to bring your pickaxe as well!

  • To repair the lever, interact with the horn next to him. Blaring it will surprise Oswald and drop an Exclamation Mark (!). Pick that up and then interact with the lever.
How to get exclamation mark for the lever in Spark of Imagination in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
  • Now you need to rotate the bridge. And instead of exclamation mark, you now need the Question Mark Wheel (?). Break your way to the other side of the bridge to reach the crafting table. Check the recipe which requires 1 Question Mark and 3 Flying Gears.
  • Two of the Flying Gears are next to Oswald. And then find the last one near the entrance where you saw Oswald disappear in the corner.
Flying Gears in Spark of Imagination.
  • Go back to the bridge and use the Question Mark Wheel. Now you can rotate bridge by rotating the wheel. Don’t miss out the chest by rotating a little further to reach the other platform!
  • Follow Oswald and you’ll have to solve one more puzzle. Grab the Question Mark from Oswald and the Flying Gears around the area. Make another Question Mark Wheel at the crafting bench.
  • Go back and rotate the bridge to reach the next area. Break the rocks that’s hiding the trumpet. Then, take it back to where Oswald is and place it on the pedestal behind him.
How to finish final part of Spark of Imagination.
  • Sound the horn again and surprised Oswald will drop the Exclamation Mark on the floor. Use it as a lever on the mechanism.
How to get Exclamation Mark in Spark of Imagination.
  • Pulling the lever will bring the bridge up. Rotate the bridge and you can reach the Spark of Imagination! Cutscene ensues and you finally get the Spark of Imagination in your hand.
  • But that didn’t last long, as Jafar stole it from your hand, pretending to be Merlin.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is in peril at the end of the Spark of Imagination quest. But worry not! Stay tuned for more future guides to save the valley! We’ve also covered another one with Oswald, Oswald’s Many Dimensions.


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