The Three Great Martial Trials World Quest Guide | All 3 Challenge Solutions

Can you pass all 3 Great Martial challenges in this World Quest?

Enkanomiya Island is a mysterious place and a ghost called Eboshi is asking for your help. As the Traveler, you need to complete all 3 Great Martial Trials. This guide will show you how you can complete all three challenges and finish this world quest.

All 3 Challenge Solutions — Genshin Impact

Before doing anything, you need to change the time to Evernight first.

Go to the northwestern teleport waypoint of the Serpent’s Heart and talk to Eboshi. He will tell you about the 3 trials you need to complete.

Teleport to the northernmost waypoint of the Narrows and glide down to the pool. A circular kind of bubble will lift you up towards the teleportation portal.

After teleporting to Yachimatahiko’s Locus, talk to Uda on the island. Here you will need to complete the Yachimatahiko’s Trial.

After completing the trial, talk to Uda again and a cutscene will occur. While it is Evernight, go to the northern part of Evernight Temple and glide into the pool again. This will teleport you to Yachimatahime’s Locus Island.

Unlock the waypoint and talk to Eki. Go inside and use the teleportation portal. Use the water fountain here and you will see the location of all 4 Flames. Release all the flames and talk to Eki to complete the second trial.

Lastly, go to the southern teleport waypoint of the Serpent’s Heart. Glide down to the pool again and it will teleport you to Kunado’s Locus. Talk to Daimon and go inside the quest area.

Glide across the gaps until you reach an area with huge statues. Use a Pyro character and light the torches counterclockwise. Defeat the enemies and you can now release all the flames on top of the statues. Talk to Daimon to complete the third trial.

Now go back to Eboshi in the Serpent’s heart to complete the World Quest!

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