Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Hammer & Anvil – Legendary Ward Guide

Is this legendary ward any good?

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Hammer & Anvil - Legendary Ward Guide

Gather your weapons, companions, swords, bows, bombs, and every possible thing you got to get yourself through this amazing world of Tiny Tina and battle your way to freedom.

In this guide, we will be talking about a faithful companion or a Ward by the name of Hammer & Anvil. Let’s see if it is any good and worth using.

Legendary Ward Guide – Hammer & Anvil – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Source: Samarus

This is a wonderful thing to have by your side in almost every battle situation. It is a weapon that will follow you around and damage nearby enemies.

While you take damage when the ward will be on full HP, the ward will summon a homing hammer that will chase enemies around it while dealing a bunch of damage to them. The very useful thing is the knockback this hammer has as a damaging effect.

If you have a class or gear specs that will further boost elementary status and damage well then the hammer will deal an even bigger damage number on your enemies

It will pick its own targets, which knowing the AI system in the game, means that this can be a downside sometimes too. You will want to focus on one target while the hammer attacks another. But it isn’t such a big problem in the big picture.

Source: Samarus

The critical rate that it has is also big and the critical damage output is huge. Sometimes you’ll get shocked by the names. It can one-shot smaller enemy NPCs too.

The location where it can be found and looted is in the Overworld Zoomios Shrines at the end where you will face off the Mini-Boss Bucket Head. It is also available as a random World Drop(but you will need to get really lucky for it).

A special and huge thank you to Samarus from YouTube who went into detail explaining this item. You can check out his YouTube channel here.

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