Toilet Tower Defense: Endless Mode Update Leaks & Sneak Peek

This update is going to be a hit.

A few leaks and sneak peeks were released along with the announcement of the next Toilet Tower Defense update. Since we are aware that a lot of players are anticipating this new update, we will discuss all we currently know about it. Let’s take a look at the leaks and sneak peeks of Toilet Tower Defense’s new endless mode update.

Endless Mode Update Leaks & Sneak Peek

The first leak we know about the newest Endless Mode update of Toilet Tower Defense is that there will be a new colored summon notification upon getting a new summon.

If you get a mythic unit, the notification will be red. And if you get a godly unit, you will see that the text is blue.

Sneak Peeks

The next leak we know is that there will be a bunch of new crates that you can open. You might be familiar with this kind of feature from a similar Roblox game, Pet Simulator 99.

Opening these crates will give you a boost, depending on what kind of items you open.

Crate opening

When you open a crate, if you are going to get a titan unit, the crate will grow bigger, and you will have an idea of what to expect beforehand. It will also be visible to everyone on the server. This way, everyone will see what you get.

Titan crate

Endless Mode

And of course, the biggest leak of this update is the Endless Mode. This new mode will have infinite waves and tons of rewards.

new lobby

This new map features a gigantic squid. It is also on an island surrounded by water. There will be a big red castle as well.

If you successfully kill 50% of the toilets in a wave, you are going to beat the endless mode and get a reward.

Before this update, do not forget to use the January 2024 Toilet Tower Defense codes as well.

endless map

There is going to be a leaderboard that is going to reset every week. If you score a place on the list of 100 players, you are going to receive a reward.

This new endless mode will not only be about the new map but there will be a whole new lobby for it as well.

endless lobby

For the last leak, we have the rework of the upgraded Titan Cinemaman. This unit will now have different kinds of powerful attacks.

titan cinemaman rework

These are all the leaks and sneak peeks we have for the Toilet Tower Defense endless mode update right now. Which feature do you like and anticipate the most? Feel free to share your own opinions by leaving a comment below.

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