Tokyo Roblox: Complete Ghoul Beginner Guide

Here are some tips to get you started!

Tokyo Roblox Complete Ghoul Beginner Guide

Starting a new game can be daunting for some people since you’ll need to learn a lot of new things. From game mechanics to different classes and quests, there is a lot to check out.

Sometimes, that’s too much and you can easily get lost. In Tokyo Roblox, there are some important things you’ll need to know about playing as a ghoul in the game.

In this guide, we’ll show you some tips and tricks on how to play a ghoul in the game. Now, let’s see the different mechanics and quests you’ll need to know!

Complete Ghoul Beginner Guide

There are two factions in Tokyo the Roblox game and that’s the Ghouls and the CCG or Humans. We’ll be focusing on the Ghouls and how you can get started in the game.

We’ll go through one of the first quests you can do to rank up and how to get some cash to get you started.

Purple Body Quest

When you play as a Ghoul, you’ll spawn on the subway. When you get out of the subway, head to the left and go straight keeping an eye on the left side.

There, you’ll find an NPC, the looks of the NPC might be different, but the position and quest are the same.

Talk to that NPC and you can do a quest that requires you to look for bodies around the map.

Tokyo Roblox Ghoul Quest Location

Directly behind the building next to the NPC is a body you can get to. When you get to the body, remember to Devour it and click on it so you can get RC.

NOTE: RC is the main progression for ghouls.

Once you’ve done that, you can go back to the NPC and talk to him to finish the quest. You can repeatedly do this quest to get the rewards.

The bodies for the quest never change location, so if you find one, you can reliably go back there every time.

This quest will give you 10 Reputation and 5 Yen. Devouring bodies will also get your Rank up and after 20 bodies you’ll get Rank C.

Reaching that rank will let you get your base class.

Tokyo Roblox Ghoul Corpse

Obtaining Cash

Now that you know how to rank up and increase your RC, you’ll also need some money to buy stuff. One of the easiest ways to get cash is by selling trinkets.

You can find a lot of these under the subway station. Go down there and head to the left corner. There, you’ll find a hole you can jump down to as shown below.

Tokyo Roblox Trinket Area

Once you get down there, you can find these trinkets all over the place. Some of them are easy to spot while others are a bit harder due to their color. Collect them all around here by clicking on them.

Tokyo Roblox Trinkets

Once you have enough, you can climb back up the hole you came from by pressing Space twice when looking at a wall.

Go back to the top of the Subway Station and look for the Isaac, The Forgetful NPC. You can sell all of the trinkets to him.

Tokyo Roblox Sell Trinkets

Wounds & Strength

Strength as a ghoul increases your attack power. To increase that stat, you’ll need to get wounds and treat them.

If you need to treat a wound, you’ll need a bandage which you can buy from the Doctor NPC.

To get wounds, you’ll need to be hit a lot until you get the messages on your screen saying, “It hurts it hurts it hurts” or “Why am I doing this.

Get 6 of those sentences and when you reach that point, heal yourself with a bandage.

Tokyo Roblox PVP

General Tips

Now that you know the basics, here are some tips to help you get started in progressing further in the game:

  • You Gain RC from devouring bodies. All bodies give 5 RC while ghoul bodies give 10 RC.
  • You can get books through the Conquest Event if your side (Ghouls) wins.
  • Books can be used to regain lives. You can also get armor from them.
  • Aging up resets your health condition so keep that in mind when getting wound messages.
  • All class skill needs cash to buy them.

With all that information you can now get started in playing Tokyo Roblox. Now, go out there and try it out yourself!

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